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Ready to make that dream of owning a wedding business come true?

Have you been bite by the wedding bug?

Maybe recently you've planned your own wedding, helped with a friends wedding, or you could browse Pinterest weddings for days.

Now you're ready or at least kind intrigued about what it takes to own a wedding business. 

In this course go from "thinking" about owning a business to having it set up in 1 week.


I’ve created a 1-week jam packed audio course for wanna be wedding pros and all modules are available right now.

Get ready to start your first wedding business stress free, with me as your coach.

Also: get a glass of wine, because this is going to be fun!

Are you ready to stop putting off the "someday" of owning a wedding business and have one up in 7 days?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re working a 9-5 and you are looking for a way out (like yesterday)

  • You want a business that allows you to sit at home in yoga pants and you're ready to spend more time with your family

  • You would love to spend your time doing something you love, creating, meeting new people, and feeling fulfilled

  • You also feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting a business: where to start a business, do you need an LLC, what about contracts!? 

Then we need to seriously talk. BEEN THERE. DONE THAT.

I was in a 9-5 when I started my floral design business because I was DYING to get out, literally I could not do another 2 years.

I felt like I was trapped, no creative outlet, and felt like all of my time was being controlled by my job.

Once Sunday would roll around I would start crying to my husband, telling him I didn't want to do this forever. 

I didn't know what exactly to do but I knew I needed out for that life..

This Course teaches you:

  • The only 3 things you need to set up your business

  • Which website platforms you should be using

  • How to set up your first styled shoot

  • How to get experience in the wedding industry even if you have no connections

  • Get your 1st client contract and how to set up your LLC

  • How to book your 1st client even if you only have 1 image in your portfolio

  • How to prepare for your first wedding

  • What you should be writing in your emails to get your first handful of wedding clients

  • How to Grow your Business to quit your 9-5


Who the f am I to tell you how to run your biz?

A floral designer who has made over $200,000 in weddings for myself and for my clients.

I woke up one day and needed out of my 9-5.

I started selling dried flower wedding bouquets on Etsy and wanted to expand into fresh floral design. I found an ad on Craigslist for a styled shoot, said yes, and from that 1 shoot booked 2 weddings within 2 months.

I went on that year to book 3 freelancing gigs, 10 weddings of my own, quit my 9-5, and even plan my own wedding!?

By 2nd year in my wedding business I had booked a $10K client, had a team of 2 assistants, and was getting paid to do styled shoots.

Then I sold my wedding business. In 2 years I made a 30x return on my wedding business.

The new owners? They just pulled in over $50,000 in their first year. 

Now I want you to know what I learned.

(1 time payment of $39)

How does it work?

  • You'll get instant access to all 10 audio lessons

  • Each audio also comes with home work! (Yay!)

  • You get a Bonus audio: What's going to stop you from starting your wedding business

Course Details

1 Week to Your Wedding Business is all you need to Get Your Dream Wedding Biz Started.

When you log in to your course dashboard

you'll see all the modules:


You also get email templates, work sheets, and work book with each lesson.

Each module is an audio, easy to access on your lunch break, drive to work, or commute.

(1 time Payment of $39)


1) Will I have access to 1 week to your wedding business forever?

YES! You can access the course for as long as you need it.

2) What types of people is this course for?

This course works amazing for anybody who wants to start a wedding business like yesterday. I take you through all the steps from which website platform to host your website, to contracts, creating your first styled shoot, and getting your first client.

This course wouldn't be good for anybody who is already established as a wedding pro but How to Win at Weddings would be perfect for you.

3) What makes you an expert?

In addition to owning a wedding business that tripled revenue the second year.

Since selling that business to the new owners they have successfully booked 10+ weddings just through the website + social media.

I've also been featured as a "top bad ass female entrepreneur to watch in 2017", awarded as a top 25 female entrepreneur in NJ, featured on young female entrepreneurs, published in UK Wedding Business Academy magazine, and on the Being Boss blog.

In addition to this I've spent over $8K re-investing in my education on blogging, money courses, mindset books, and marketing strategies.

When you learn from me, you're also learning from the best of the best in the industry.

4) Do you do refunds? 

My strategies have allowed more than 100 women to be more confident, make more money, and create marketing plans that bring in clients. But if some reason you're not satisfied with the course , get a full refund in 14 days. Refunds will be allowed only if you can show that you've take all 6 modules and did not learn anything.

This price is for a limited time only.

So you don’t have to wait a zillion internet years, as soon as you enroll you’ll be able to access all of the modules online immediately.

I would be honored if you’d join me.

P.S. Not sure if this program will give you what you need to change your business?
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