How does this work?

The 1:1 package is where I dig deep with you to find out where you want to go and how we're going to get you there. 

I've done a lot of research on how to get your clients real results.


The only way to do that is through deep mindset work + intentional strategy

You will not leave me without knowing the steps you need to take in order to bust through blocks that are holding you back from taking action + making bank.

It includes:

4 months of intense 1:1 life changing work

Every Other WEEK (1 hour) Coaching Calls

Intense - no bull shit accountability- so you'll stop dicking around

10 minute Facebook Monday- Friday CHECK IN'S

24 hour Email support



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Complete your application below. I'll be in touch to schedule our consult call.

I only accept clients who are ready to invest on the call.

This is for women who are ready to build their empire, stop playing around, and ready to transform.

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I start my wedding business with a photo shoot ad from Craigslist and I immersed myself in studying marketing and sales.

My second year in business I booked my first $10k client, tripled my business, hired a team, and got serious about a strategy.

Since selling that business I've had an $8K month, a $15K month, and shit keeps GROWING.

It's all because I:

 1) Hired coaches

2) Worked on my mindset + money habits

If this is possible for me, this is possible for you.

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Here's a guideline of what we'll work together on in 4 months:

Month 1: The $10K MONTH IS EASY

The $10K MONTH: How you can easily hit $10K without more stress or burn out all by up leveling your relationship with money.

>> Establishing prices that are REALLY, like REALLY fucking worthy of your value. <<


If you've avoided raising your prices, oh this one is MEANT for you. 


Month 2: Intuitive Marketing + Born to LEAD

How you can start being a leader in your industry in 2018 without 230490934 followers and get massive engagement on all your content.

How to use intuition marketing to make a bigger impact without being on your computer 24/7



IT IS SO SIMPLE GUYS! Well duh this will speak itself, business is SO much simpler.

Fuck the fancy marketing strategy, fuck being on 98934 social media platforms, fuck ALL of it, and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

We keep it simple by stalking your perfect ideal client and attracting your ideal client to you. Not by you chasing after them.



In this last month we're going to dive into what it would REALLY mean for you to have the life you're wishing for, right now.

Like I know you want to be charging MORE for your services but you are absolutely terrified you won't get clients.

This is like the push you off the cliff exercise and watch you fly. You'll fight me, kick and scream, but I'm going to push you to buy that $40 blouse without all the shitty money guilt.


Oh baby, the bonuses:

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A Brand Strategy + Web Design session with the Best of the Best! 


Fabi is an amazeballs designer that charges up to $10K for her high end branding + design.

But for you, because she loves me you get a free 2 hour session with her.

Walk away with:

Improvements you can make to your brand + design to call out the clients you really want

Learn what tips + tricks you can make to your personal brand to start attracting premium clients

Get a personalized review of your brand + website design with Fabi


[ Learn more about her here ]






[ 1 Month Done for You Facebook Ads ]

With Melody Spencer: an expert in Facebook ads

Value $1500


-30 minute get started call
-Defining, creating and testing audiences (both custom and saved)
-2 test ads with 2 versions of copy and images each
-Test both ads to see which one converts the best, has the most engagement, etc
-implement and test pixel
-Suggest ad objectives and test
-Ad budget suggestions
-Suggest changes to landing pages and email sequences, test the best combo of these
-Weekly bid tweaking
-Suggest freebie ideas for lead generation (client creates, I add into ad sequence)
-Monthly Ad reporting & over view call (30 minutes) at the end of the month