Dear you, looking at this page,

I know you're making money in this business. You did it, isn't this where you're supposed to be happy?

But it doesn't feel like enough right?

You're working A LOT, like sometimes up until late at night, doing everything in your business.

But this is what you have to do right? 

Slave away and just keep going and keep adding more clients.

Only now, those little whisper are getting louder and louder now.

The whispers about burn out approaching.

The whispers about I'm making money but where is it going?

The whispers about how long can I keep doing this?

The whispers about when will anybody ever seen me as a leader?

The whispers about why doesn't this client see how hard I worked?

The whispers about why are people paying late on their invoices?

I know right now you're trying to be everything to your clients and your family.

You wonder why she is seen as a leader in your space and you've been in business longer than her!

You are feeling undervalued.



Not powerful.

Definitely not a CEO.

You might even be feeling like shit looking for a coach right now, because you should have it all together.

You should be happy you're "making money"

Maybe you just need to get 1 more higher end client or tweak your marketing to get them.

But you know if you do that ^ you will be right back where you are.

So read on....


Here what I know you deserve:

1) You deserve clients that pay on time

2) You deserve spouses that not only respect your work but fully support you in all area's of your life

3) You deserve clients that look up to you, trust you, and respect your decisions

4) You deserve parents + family that look at you like a CEO, and know that you're not just sitting on Facebook all day

5) You deserve to start outsourcing your work and not letting your perfectionist ways work you to burn out


The 1:1 package is where I dig deep with you to create a more aligned income stream (coaching or teaching) + refresh your current business with more boundaries, respect, and get you seen as a leader.

The only way to do that is through deep mindset work + intentional strategy

It includes:

4 months of intense 1:1 life changing work

Every Other WEEK (30-45 minute) MENTOR Calls (different than coaching calls)

Office hours so you'll fully supported between our calls

24 hour Email support

1 in person retreat (2 days)



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Complete your application below.

I only accept clients who are ready to invest on the call.

This is for women who are ready to build their empire, stop playing around, and ready to transform.

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I start my wedding business with a photo shoot ad from Craigslist and I immersed myself in studying marketing and sales.

My second year in business I booked my first $10k client, tripled my business, hired a team, and got serious about a strategy.

Since selling that business I've had an $8K month, a $15K month, and shit keeps GROWING.

It's all because I:

 1) Hired coaches

2) Worked on my mindset + money habits

If this is possible for me, this is possible for you.

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Is this right for you?

  1. You need to be making money in your business right now, between $4K-$10K a month. 

  2. You want your entire life to up level along with your money ( hello relationships!)

  3. You know going to next level means you can't hustle more, there's internal work that has to be done

  4. Trust me as your coach