6 WEEKS to Unleash your Inner Marketing Bad ASS+ Become a Money MASTER

6 week money and marketing boot camp module 1 comp.png

Module 1: Show me the MONEY!

In this lesson we're uncovering your money blocks + beliefs. Ideas that you might have around money that are NOT HELPING you make more!

<<<<< Watch that video

You can grab your  copy of the work book here.

or write down your answers on a journal/ note pad.

I'm also going to be posting some journaling questions in the Facebook group next week.

Complete the Unfuck your money mindset PDF
Write down your new positive mantra's around money + sticky note them ALL OVER your place // 
I want you to be reading them twice a day


Creating Content that gets more Followers + Engagement:

For this video I show you how to create more buzz around getting people to follow you.

Your assignment:

To create a mini course idea, a challenge, or even if you just do a couple Facebook Live's about  something that will help your clients. Lay it all out of what it looks like, for me, Facebook Live's are the easiest. 

Make it simple but fun.

Before you start doing it, drum up some fun for it.

Ask me any questions in the Facebook group! 

My voice is muffled into half the video and then I pick up my microphone and it gets back to normal!! hahah