Why a Wedding Biz + Etsy Shop = Freedom

What if you had another source of income that allows you to work when you want, where you want but it's still within the wedding industry?

If you've built a wedding business you may find yourself overwhelmed or exhausted once wedding season comes to an end. Your back is probably on fire, your family probably hates you, and if you hear "Shout" one more time you're going to lose it.

I totally get that. By the  end of the wedding season I am DONE with anything wedding but I still know the show must go on. Show = me making money.

Before starting my floral design business, I had an Etsy shop. The Etsy shop was my beginning to weddings, I would sell artificial, dried, and foam flower bouquets + wedding decor.  Look at how cute I was, I would be embarrased by this now but humble beginnings! 


But this Etsy shop + wedding business was like utopia. It's a beautiful relationship of working from home when I want and then meeting brides when I’ve had too much time home.

It’s small packages of Etsy flowers during the off season when I need the money and then big chunks of change in the summer. It is AWESOME.

When I meet other wedding pro moms that are struggling to live in the off season I always suggest start an Etsy shop and vice versa. Plus the winter down time will give you time to still be creating, designing, but this time doing it from the comfort of your home and no real big immediate deadlines.

I did find the Etsy brides were more likely to buy ahead of time (like the wedding off season) I would have a couple girls inquire in the summer. Sometimes I would turn them down if I was too busy, but it all worked out so beautiful. 

The best part was when I would have these random numbers of ribbon, vases, or other decorations left over, I would then sell them through my Etsy shop.

If you’re scared or struggling to start one or the other or have no idea how this could possibly work let me show you how this beautiful utopia exists. It does exist!

Wedding Business + Etsy Shop for The WIN!