What Etsy Shop Do You Want to Start?

Here are some answers to the most common questions I get about starting an Etsy business.

1) Why should I choose Etsy?

I’ve tried shopify, my own website shop, and Ebay. None of these platforms compared to Etsy.  The amount of traffic and community (meet ups with other members, local craft shows, etc)  you get with Etsy is incredible.

My fellow Etsy seller friends got their products featured in Martha Stewart Brides magazine, tv shows like The View, and Bon Appetite magazine.

Etsy has turned into its own PR and traffic machine . It will bring the traffic you want right away without advertising, building a blog, maintaining a social media presence. You set up shop and the traffic is brought to you.

2) “The nuances are my nemesis. For example, listing different colors of yarns."

There’s 2 ways to address this problem, you can be struggling with that “you’ve lost that loving feeling for your business” or you need to find a way to streamline your business.

1) When people have lost the loving feeling for their business, it could be time to switch up how you run your business.  If you hate listing a million items online and the process of uploading a photo online, then take your business offline. Sell at craft shows or bring you items to a local retail store. If you find running your business is burning you out, this is your business and make it work for you.

2) If you do love running a business online but get overwhelmed with all the steps, then you should find ways to streamline your business. There are great tools to make this process easier.

Check out this article here that gives you 50 apps to help manage and grow your Etsy business.

3) “I have so many ideas but I feel so indecisive about what direction I want to go in”

The whole idea of starting a business can feel overwhelming and almost paralyzing with indecisiveness, right? Should I pick this logo? Is this a good business name?

It's okay to struggle with this stuff. It will take time to figure out but the best thing you can do is to START.

What you’ll find as you start and grow a business is more of WHO you like to work with and WHAT you like to do.

Let's quit slackin and make shit happen!