How I Met Marie Forleo My First Year In Business

If you're a woman that has started a business; you most likely know Marie Forleo. She is the bad ass behind B- School and the Tony Robbins for female entrepreneurs.

In my first year in business as a wedding floral designer I was still working full- time and dreaming big part- time. On my days off from work I would watch her videos and read any books she suggested. She was my gateway drug into business and coaching education. Now, not only is she an internet star but she has been on Oprah. OPRAH!

It was a Tuesday and like every Tuesday before I received an email from Marie. This time it had a little note saying that she'd be in NYC with Kris Carr and Marianne Williamson. She asked if we would come and support them.

Then, I clicked on her Facebook page and saw that they needed volunteers.

My heart started pounding and slowly sank when I read that the event would start 3 hours after I left for work. The commute alone would take me 1 hour in NYC traffic. I quickly shut down any doubts and said to myself, "You might meet Marie Forleo; there's no time for seeking out reasons why you can't go."

I emailed the event coordinator told her I wanted to volunteer and also offered to donate flowers. I hit send and day dreamed about how much fun it would be, what I would say if I met her and what I should wear.

The next day, I got an email saying that the volunteer slots were full but that they would love some flowers. I agreed and asked if I could meet my super hero aka Marie Forleo. They said she couldn't guarantee anything but that they would try.

The next 3 days was a flurry of buying flowers, vases and sweet- talking my boss to let me leave early. The day finally came and I felt like I was going to throw up.

I was sick from the combination of driving in NYC with fragile vases, hoping they like the flowers and rushing from work to get there in time.

As I arrive to the venue my super human strength kicks in and I can now somehow carry 2 large vases no problem. I meet with the venue coordinator. We try placing them in the VIP area, argh! That doesn't look good.

I follow her downstairs and see Marie Forleo and Kris Carr. They're practicing on stage and we're heading right towards them.

A feeling of nerves and excitement come over me. We stand right in front of them, put the flowers down and I'm hardly listening to what the venue coordinator is saying. She says something about moving the flowers and in my mind all I can think is, time to introduce myself!

All in one breath I say, "Hi Marie I'm a big fan! Thank you so much for your videos and inspiration." Breathe out.

Now, the final moment......

Kris Carr smiles at me and Marie says, "That is so sweet, thank you so much!" She then asked me my name and gave me a hug & a kiss on the cheek. She also thanked me for the flowers saying they were beautiful. 

I did it. I met my super hero and my super hero was freaking awesome and incredibly kind.

I say bye and walk away. I call my mom immediately after we are done placing the vases and scream, "You'll never guess who I just met?"

Not only that, this was my first year in business.

This was my sign that this is the path I was meant to go on as an entrepreneur. The energy I felt at that moment was so strong and positive, I needed this.

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