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I had spent weeks preparing for my first Etsy workshop. I had designed my course assuming my students would be women between their 20's - 40's. When I walked into my classroom, my jaw dropped.

I had walked into a classroom full of 60% women and 30% men with most of them between the ages of 50-60. My first thought, was “probably shouldn’t play that track list of Macklemore and Monsters of Men” and second thought “this is going to take a little bit more explaining than I thought.”

If I did my research I would have learned that the “Kauffman Foundation research shows that business creation by older Americans grew more than 60 percent between 1996 and 2012.”

There’s a new name for this entrepreneur called the “Encore Entrepreneur” according to Deborah Banda of AARP.  An “Encore Entrepreneur” is any one over the age of 50 who starts a small business as a career. 

I shouldn’t have been shocked by all the Encore Entrepreneurs that came to my class. Of course these would be my students. These people have been working for decade and with retirement now lasting 30 years, they’re looking for a new career change but still want to enjoy their retirement.

Etsy is perfect for Encore Entrepreneurs, offering the flexibility to enjoy retirement but still feel like you have a purpose and/or career.

If you’re looking to be an Encore Entrepreneur, The Etsy Course is open for enrollment, and will teach the new wave of Etsy sellers how to do this whole online selling thing.