My Biggest Marketing Wins on Etsy: Collaborations

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I stand by her work so much, she's included as a resource in my Free Mini Course to jump start your Etsy shop.

Yeah, she's that good.

I'm going to show you my biggest marketing strategy on Etsy without making you feel slimey or gross about talking about your products.

When I first started my artificial flower shop I began these wooden rose bouquets. Looking back now I want to hide from them but this was the beginning of my designs.

I received a message on Etsy by a blog that wrote about saving money. At the time I was a little put off because my flowers were for weddings not for moms looking to clip coupons. She asked if in exchange for a review I could send her some free flowers and gave me her stats for her blog. She had a lot of subscribers and a big social media reach, I needed the traffic and thought sure why not! 

I sent her some flowers and not only did this post generate a lot of traffic and sales but I also got photo's of my flowers in an actual wedding!

I know, I know these aren't Pinterest worthy but my sellers wanted to see a bride holding this, they needed to see what these flowers would look like in their wedding, or how they could use them.

The post got 9 shares and 3 comments, you can check out the post here.

Since this post went so good, I was asked to do another giveaway with her friend at another blog for Valentines day. 

With this give away I got 18 comments, more traffic, and this give away comes in the top of google rankings when you search for me.

Your Etsy marketing strategy plan:

  • Find a blogger that is in your target market (if you sell bohemian jewelry, find a bohemian fashion blogger, if you sell wedding invitations for rustic brides, find a rustic wedding blogger)

  • Give them something for free, a piece of jewelry, try to give them a physical product

  • Ask in exchange they promote your product in a post and take photo's

  • Let them know you'll use your photo's in your shop, crediting traffic back to their blog link, and you'll blast your social media

  • Watch the traffic roll in and feel good about doing a collaboration not that sleazy sale feeling