How to Find Your Niche or Direction when Starting Your Business

I'm a recovering dibble dabbler. Oh you don't know what that is?

Well step into my world.

Symptoms of a dibble dabbler can be found in your personal and business life:
1) wanting to do everything on Pinterest and sell it

2) Never having a real clear idea of what direction your business is going in

3) Feeling like niche's will close you off from all the other work you could do

4) Never implementing a marketing schedule in your business

5) Oh you'll pay me to do a, b, or c? Okay I'll do it.

But I have found FOCUS + DIRECTION.

Here's 1 trick I do whenever I find myself veering off my path: 

1) A lot of these dibble dabble choices come from FEAR. Fear of missing out on making money, fear of making the wrong choice of not making enough money, fear of success, or fear of failure.

If I'm making a choice because "hey I saw someone online making money from this service or this product" that's the FEAR TALKING BABY.

You know what good decisions come from fear? NONE!

Awesome, we've narrowed down all of the fear based choices, BUT YOU CAN EMBRACE ALL OF YOUR PASSIONS.

If you are multi-passionate, that is amazing, it's actually a strength, that you love EVERYTHING. DO NOT BE ASHAMED but what you do need is cohesion of all these passions.

How do we take all of the different things you love to do and create something cohesive? I got you.

Grab the 13 page work book to get you direction + action in your business here.