The fraud feelings!

At some point in our businesses we’ve felt them or are currently having them. I remember starting my Etsy shop and saying oh god what if they find out I’m not a florist, this is my first time selling flowers, OH GOD WHAT IF THEY ASK FOR A REFUND BECAUSE IT SUCKS.

Then after a couple sales, a couple inquiries to do photo shoots, and then an inquiry to do a whole wedding locally, I find myself not having those feelings anymore.

There’s really 2 ways to go about this:

1) fake it until you make it, I remember people asking me are you a florist? I was so used to saying “No I’m a counselor” that I started saying “I AM AN ETSY SELLER AND A FLORIST” that’s all.

2) Practice, practice, and more practice.

More clients, more services, and start acting like this company, this business is YOUR FINISH LINE, it is not a “maybe” or a “side hustle”, this is it.

Fraud be gone!

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