Free 2017 Mini Goal Planner

I hope you had a beautiful holiday weekend. I'm writing this before the actual weekend happens. That's right!

Guess who's taking a whole week off? YUP. ME. Well technically.

During the week between Christmas + New Years I'm setting aside the whole week to do some mega planning for 2017.

I really love planning and the idea of planning out goals I want to hit, and then breaking them down to see how it's actually possible.


Anyways, back to you.

Here's what I've created for you, a 14 page work book where you reflect on what did work in 2016, where you want to go in 2017, and how you'll get there.

I find the reflection part of this work book is awesome for a little confidence boost.

I had a client once that was super upset about not hitting her goals. She had really, really, wanted to book a certain number of weddings.

I asked her to go back through her ALL of her numbers, every penny, and tell me how she made for the past year.

She had made $50,000 and we went back to the monthly goals she had made.. she hit every single monthly goal she wanted.

Here she was... so upset over the future, not even taking into account how much she had accomplished. Then when she realized how much she had done this past year, it seemed a lot more possible to book that number of weddings without the fear + anxiety.

How much did you make in 2016? How much did you really make? You might be surprised.

Speaking of 2017, it is off to a great fucking start.

I'm on the list of 100 bad ass female entrepreneurs to watch in 2017.

Thankful doesn't even begin to express how I feel. Being on a list with my hero's like Marie Forleo, ByRegina, and Denise Duffield Thomas is a dream come true.

So thankful to April for putting this list together to show us that if it's possible for them, it's possible for me, and it's possible for you!! :)