What do I hate? CONSISTENCY.

When do I want growth in my business? NOW.

I hate doing anything consistently.

Working out, eating healthy, doing the same thing in my business, working in the same business, or even having a plan (I love spontaneous anythings).

My plan was always “see if the spaghetti sticks to the wall”.

You’re right. It didn’t WORK.

Watch this video or keep reading to find out how to make a strategy in your business for growth.

I had to actually:
1) Create an attainable, measurable goal
Example: Get 2 more people on my email list by the end of the month

2) Break it down backwards into steps
Example: I would start with my goal at step 10: Get 2 people on my email list Step 9: Guest blogged on 3 websites Step 8: Followed up with 3 blogs.. etc.

3)Take consistent action on these steps
Example: This one is pretty obvious, but easier to say than execute. Follow your plan, just do it.

4) Create a strategy that is realistic with your schedule + get real with your numbers
Example: If you want to add 50 people to your list in 1 month and your list size is 100. Adding half your list in 1 month is a bit of a stretch, be realistic with how much effort and what is attainable. It could be

Try doing this for just 10 days. At the end of 10 days “I will work out for 3 times this week”, “I will introduce myself in 2 Facebook groups” or “I will start my Facebook ad.” 

If you get through this, try for another 10 days then another 10 days.
Before you know it, it’s been a month and seeing your results!!