Two things to do when Client Doesn't Book...



No but really, a client working with someone else, that totally happens to everybody, even to that woman you think is oh-so-amazing, no one would say NO TO HER!

Yes it even happens to HER.

The reasons why could always come down to a couple things:

1) budget or cost


You get an inquiry, set up a meeting, follow up and flat line. What to do?

Follow up, and follow up like your life depends on it. Follow up with them until they answer you.

Think of it this way: if someone inquires about your service and you don't follow up with them you're doing a DISSERVICE to the client.  

"Think about this scenario: You're a waiter at a restaurant and you go to the table at the end of their meal and say “Would you like coffee? Would you like dessert?” That’s service."

"And if there’s a yes, then you bring coffee, and if there’s a no then you don’t, and you don’t care which."

"You’re serving with your question. A lot of times people don’t see that. They think a question is pushy and salesy and puts pressure on a person"

Who would you book?


2) The client tells you they booked someone else :(

NO don't get sad, don't pull out the bag of chips, don't start telling yourself you'll never make it, and don't pull out the gallon of ice cream. 

Find out WHY. Why did they not book you? Why did they go with someone else?

This stuff is GOLD, it will IMPROVE your business.

Here's a rough example:

"Hey name,

So sorry to see you go but happy you found someone that suited your needs!

If you could just answer a couple questions about how I can improve the experience for other clients. 

What was the reason why you booked "so-so"?

What did you like about working with me?

What did you not like? 

Thank you so much and do not be afraid to be honest, I'm all about improving my business and this would help me!

Have an awesome wedding.


Your name here

A majority of clients will not book you because of something personal to them, maybe at the time they're price shopping, maybe they're browsing not read to make that big payment yet, or maybe they have things that come up.

The important part is not let rejection drag you down, rejection is a learning moment.

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