I've seen people throw money at Wedding Wire, The Knot, Wedding blogs, etc. without any real strategy. I even spent over $1k in wedding blog ads, or other ads, hoping I would get SOMETHING from it.


THE ONLY THING THAT doubled my business was creating a STRATEGY using: blogging, SEO, social media and guest posting/ submissions.

Here’s how to make one in your business:

1) plan a goal for each month that’s a number and realistic (get 2 wedding clients)

2) Plan out which 2 social media platforms you will focus on. If you're goal is 2 wedding clients or if your services are visual (photographer) you want to focus on photo focused social plat forms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook (for local purposes).

3) Blog twice a week consistently for the whole month

But Shannon what do I write? Browse through wedding blogs for bride questions, wedding bee forums,  or our old client emails.

Pull out a question the bride is asking and use that as a blog post. Also post about local venues, wedding topics, etc. to create local SEO on your website

4) Get comfortable with sales, change your mind about how you view sales. Get yourself to 1 local networking event a month.

Want to create your own strategy to get more traffic, stay booked, and be consistent?