Kelli came to me with frustrations of her photography business.

"I could be totally wrong... but I think reaching the clients is feeling like a struggle
I know word of mouth is best but gotta get to that point somehow!”


We chatted on Facebook about this problem she felt and I told her come to one of my free webinars, we needed to work on her mindset.

Kelli came to the class and decided to take action. She signed up for my sales boot camp.

She showed up to the class did the work and was so excited to put all of the actions into place until her website broke.

Now all of the strategies I teach in my boot camp are online strategies, her website and blog were essential.

At this point she had felt incredibly defeated. It was like every obstacle was in her way and success was becoming too hard.

Part of her sign up for sales boot camp came with a coaching call.

At this point Kelli really needed it because she was in this place of “owning a business is too hard, I want to give up”.

We talked for a little bit about what was going on and how she could overcome it right here, right now, with a broken website.

Kelli gave me 2 ways she was going to make connections besides online.

She was going to approach a local venue about referring her brides and she was going to do a local styled shoot.


Then Kelli also had an Instagram inquiry, she had sent over the information, and followed up with the client but crickets. She hadn’t heard from her in 2 weeks.

On the phone call we came up with the exact email she would send to the client with the only goal being, a response! A response to move on or continue to book her.


Kelli got a response hours later.


The “after’s” for me don’t come with amount of money or amounts of clients, although that this is a bonus.


The “after’s” of working with me come from the growth I see in you as a person.


You can grow to become like Kelli where your before is “there’s no way to get clients” and your after is “here’s 2 ways I can get clients.”



Your before can be “No one responds to me, no one answers me, no one wants to book me” or it can be “I got a response in hours”


Want to be my next before and after story?