Why you don’t need that new camera (or new website) to get more clients..

You read it right, get ready to gasp but I'll say it over and over again. 

You don't need a new website, a new camera, or anything else new to make your business better. 

You need better marketing.

I understand where you're coming from though, the idea, the want or the need behind buying these things is what I'm speaking to.

If I have a new "fill in the blank" here then I'll get better pictures, better products, better services, etc. this will lead me to more clients….

Think about how it sounds if another business did this: 

A restaurant that doesn't have enough customers coming in buys a new pots and pans. The restaurant owner thought "Oh once I get those then I'll get more customers". 

Now the restaurant owner has new pots and pans and still no new customers coming in!

Here's the problem with this: 

MARKETING is what gets you more traffic, more leads, more inquiries not new equipment.

Here's my take on this from owning and selling a wedding business in 2 years, I kept all of my expenses very low and took every dime that came into that business and put it back into the business side of my business (think: marketing, SEO, blogging, sales, social media, etc).

In the end you are not a photography business, an invitation business, or a wedding planning business. You are a marketing business that happens to sell photo's, invitations, or event services.

But Shannon...what? 

Marketing is getting people to you right? In order for your business to grow you need to get people to you first and then sell them your services.

If your business is not operating like a marketing business, you'll notice your sales will decline, you'll get less inquiries, and less traffic. If you want more clients, you really wanna be a master in the wedding biz, join The Engagement Season Kickoff Challenge, one of my favorite challenges I’ve done.

You won’t regret it!