How to use your Facebook Business Page to get more clients

It's as simple as boxing!

Okay so here's the deal with social media, no one wants to hear JUST about you. They want you to do a couple things for them 

Here's the strategy you should use: jab, jab, right hook.

Jabs = helpful, educational, inspiring, authentic posts

( I go into more detail in this social media planner specifically for wedding pros)

Jabs can you just literally just being yourself, helping people with good quality content, or something that is getting people to know WHO THE F YOU ARE.

Right hook = pitching your services!?

Almost 90% of the business owners I chat with FORGET that part, but it's so important!

(I learned about this strategy from my man Gary Vaynerchuck, if you want to check out his book: You can grab it here: )

When it comes to the wedding world, educational posts can go SO FAR.

Think about how helpful you can be to a bride no matter what your job is in the wedding world.

For example: Social Media Jabs for Wedding Photographers:

 You know what type of make up a bride should wear if she get's married on a humid August day.

You also know when is the best time to take pictures during different times of the year

Another example: Social Media Jabs for Wedding Planners:

You're a wedding planner you know what types of colors work best for bridesmaid dresses.

You know what types of weddings colors work best for seasons.

You know what venues are awesome in your local area.


Grab your free social media planner here, giving you a free planner to plan out your content with even more ways you can jab and how to pitch properly + how you should be pitching!