The #1 thing people don't tell you about starting a wedding business

If you have a wedding business or are thinking about starting one, there is SO much I want to tell you about.

Here’s my journey from starting my business to selling it just 2 years later…(this post was previously written with updates)

This was my first styled shoot, this shoot lead me to booking the first wedding of the business 2 months later.

Next week; I'll be working on a $10K contract wedding.

Ill be working on 3 more weddings after that and then this business will forever be in the hands of the new owners.

I wish I could go back to this girl in the photos and tell her what was ahead of her.


  • Tell her she might fuck up a wedding when she can't order certain flowers because of a snow storm. (true story)

  • Tell her that she won't have to freelance, work a 9-5, fulfill Etsy orders, and do her own weddings forever. ( true story)

  • Tell her that she's going to want to go back to school and get her masters, it will feel safer, but that this will work out.

  • Tell her that she'll probably never shake that feeling of "was this enough" after setting up a wedding and hoping a client loves it.

  • Tell her that working after hours, working weekends, and not doing the normal will all be worth it.

    Tell her that she will create something big beautiful, that a lovely couple will pay her a lot of money to buy it.


Tell her that will she go on to something bigger, better.

If you're new in this game, I want you to know, you don't have to struggle, worry, or doubt yourself or your prices.

But let me tell you what it looked like building this business. I started building this business after I had started an Etsy shop. I started the Etsy shop selling artificial flowers and bouquets. After a couple order, I received an inquiry from a local couple that was interested in me doing their whole wedding.

They ended up not going with me (thank god because I was severely undercharging for it!) but they ended up hiring a local florist.

That’s when I had a light bulb moment.. “What if I did fresh local flowers??”

I quickly searched for some online classes and found an online course that would work for me because at the time I still had a 9-5.

It was $100 to learn how to create fresh flower arrangements and I remember being scared to spend it, I talked to my husband (boyfriend at the time) and he was like it sounds like a great idea!

After taking the course, I started searching for opportunities where I could get photo’s of my work.

I found a photo shoot with so many talented photographers, designers, and a new catering company. (see photo above!)

I can still remember going to that photo shoot, thinking…

“OMG this is my life now.. I DO PHOTO SHOOTS” 😂😂😂😂

My first year in business was full of doubt, fear, insecurity, undercharging, and lots of…

Should I just go back to school and get my masters?

During my first year of running my business here’s what else I was doing:

  1. Working a 9-5 at a physical therapy office

  2. Freelancing whenever I could for other floral designers

  3. Doing free photo shoots on the weekend

  4. Working for free for a local florist a couple hours a week

  5. Fulfilling Etsy orders

  6. Booking 6 of my own weddings!

  7. oh! and I got engaged!

To say I was busy felt like an understatement but I really did love it, I loved learning, I would definitely have moments of feeling like:

“ughhhh I just want to quit my job!”

Definitely but my intuition was telling me to not quit yet and I listened to it.

Going into my 2nd year of business here’s what happened:

  • I started improving the SEO and I started blogging on my website and booked my first $10,000 wedding

  • Raised my prices to only booking minimum $2,000 weddings

  • Branded myself to a nice audience and tripled my revenue

  • I got married!

  • Quit my job

  • Booked a gig freelancing about 20 hours a week with a major floral designer in my area

  • Started teaching about owning an Etsy shop

Towards the end of my 2nd successful year… I felt a nudge, a nudge to really tune into my intuition.

I can recall the exact moment it happened and I WAS TERRIFIED.

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Okay so I get an inquiry to do a styled shoot, PAID.

It was going to be a DREAM styled photo shoot with high end vendors, with beautiful colors, and freedom to create and arrange whatever I wanted.. I was like wow, this would have been a dream last year!

But then something started happening…

  • I stall on answering it

  • I stall on getting the proposal back

  • and by the time I did the director of the shoot said that they had already found someone else…

I hear the nudge..

“I don’t want to do this forever, this is not my legacy”

I heard the whisper.

I heard the nudge, but UGH…

I just hit success in this business and NOWWWW I’m supposed to just what… BURN IT DOWN?

Within 4 months.. I sold the wedding business for 15 times the investment with a craigslist post.

I sold a website, no inventory.

I sold the traffic and blog.

I received the biggest check I’ve ever got in my whole life on my 30th birthday.

engagement season kick off 2 computer.png

Want to learn how:

  • I doubled my prices

  • Tripled my revenue

  • and booked a 5 figure wedding

    All within the 2nd year of my business.

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So WTF is the #1 thing people don’t tell you?

They don’t tell you about listening to your intuition.



If you right now, reading this post, know you:

  • want to start a wedding business

  • raise your prices

  • quit your 9-5

  • design the craziest most beautiful weddings EVER

  • only work with high end clients


If you want to quit your business and start another one, FREAKING DO IT. LIKE RIGHT NOW!

How can you strategically apply this to your business?

Okay so right now, if you’ve been hearing the “nudge” to do something different in your business.

You can take those steps TODAY.

Fear will keep you small.

It will keep your business small.

It will keep your income small.

Your intuition will be your biggest money maker, LISTEN TO IT.

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