When most of my photographer clients come to me they start out saying "my market is saturated."

Now if you're a photographer, I understand why you're thinking this. Camera's are more affordable to the public, photographers are popping up everywhere, and anybody with a decent camera thinks they're a photographer now.

BUT you're wrong.

The reason photographers are popping up everywhere because of the little business principle of supply + demand. 

Photographer Job Outlook. Employment is expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations.
— http://www.innovatorsguide.org/occupations/photographer_job_outlook.htm

Every digital platform is moving towards a more visual platform. On Facebook photo's and videos do better than plain text. 

Not only is the digital landscape changing to include the demand for photographers, we are capturing images now more than ever.

10 years ago, a maternity photographer? NO. WAY.

Companies are hiring photographers just for their social media. 

The opportunities are expanding and they are there but you might not be seeing them.

IF you need help on seeing how it's totally possible to go from a "saturated market" mindset to booking 3 wedding in 1 week.

(True story that happened with one of my clients.)

Then let's get you started with some good content. Content full of swear words and getting you truly, deeply connected to your hustle.

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