3 Mistakes Wedding Pros Make (& How To Fix Them)


The first mistake:


Let’s talk about YOU.


Your business is 99.9% YOU.

Most wedding professionals (especially women) tend to care for everyone else, and forget about themselves.  


There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just something you need to be aware of.


Instead of jumping up, getting the kids ready for school, and checking your emails - take a little time for yourself.

Maybe you end up getting up earlier, reading a book and having a cup of tea.

How would your day be different setting the scene for yourself?


The second mistake:



You dive into your work and worry all about the how.



: How will I book my next client?


: How can I make my marketing stand out?
: How can I write in a way that gets my ideal clients attention?


There is nothing wrong with how you get something done, or how you get your clients.. But most wedding pro’s forget about their why.



If you haven’t read, I’d recommend this book here.



Your why will make you stand out like crazy, it’s the thing that sets you apart, the thing that draws people to you. Get clear on your why and let that drive you forward.



The third mistake:



A lot of wedding professionals don’t learn (or continue to learn) business and marketing techniques.


This is HUGE! A wedding business is one part wedding and one part business. You need to know how to grow your business, just as well as you need to know how to do your job.


I’ve made something very special to help combat those that are having a hard time getting clients. 


These three mistakes could be costing you a lot of money.

Commit to getting better every day.

You’ve got the talent to move forward and claim your place in the world of weddings.

I believe in you with all my heart!





ps: I'm rooting for your success

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