4 Tips to Help You Grow Your Business with Limited Time + Budget


Working around the clock.

Doing everything and getting nowhere.

Constantly exhausted.

- Sound familiar?


It’s easy to get caught up in the nitty-gritty and forget about the big picture - the thing that matters. I think one of the things that wedding professionals get caught up in is trying to do everything, and please everyone.

I’m sharing with you my precise system for freeing up your time in our business, and making more money in the process.


One: Goals

Set goals. Without goals you can’t focus and your attention will be spread too thin.

What I do, is set daily/ weekly goals.

This plan, keeps me focused and on track.


Two: Focus

Focus on 2-3 ways that you know you can attract and convert clients from.

I’ve created a pretty cool challenge to help you learn my favorite 20 ways to get clients. It’s here and yup - it’s totally free.


Three: Prioritize

Do the most important things first. At the very beginning of your day work on the things that will bring in the money. Feeling lost.

Check this book out, and check out this episode of my podcast (fast forward to the 9-minutes mark).

Don’t motor through the day, feeling busy but not getting anything done.


Four: Educate yourself


This is the biggest thing that will propel your business forward. I’m big fan of training and education, whether you’re a photographer, makeup artist, or wedding planner. With technology today, you’ve got to learn how to stay ahead. You can jump on Facebook and share some posts, hoping someone will be interested (and most likely get sidetracked), or you can learn my formula to succeed and stay focused.



I’ve created a 6-week course for wedding professionals who are stuck and are needing a helping hand.

All 6-modules are available right now! Click below to learn about the modules.

You started your business to be able to work from home and quit your 9-5, but it seems more like you’re working 6-9. Take some time out to explore each of my points above.

I know there are certain things that matter and certain things that don’t. Let’s get you focused and earning money!

With so much love!
Shannon xxo