The 5 Best Facebook Groups for Wedding Professionals

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Finding support as a wedding professional trying to grow your business is so crucial.

Especially in a tight knit - referral industry like wedding businesses.

Set yourself up for success by joining these 5 awesome groups that are supportive, encouraging, and educational.

  1. Rising Tide Society: I sadly didn't  find this group until after I sold my floral design business and the wealth of knowledge and connections is abundant here. The group is mostly full of photographers but with over 50,000 members and climbing, this group is where it's at when you do anything creative or wedding related.

2. Savvy Business Owners Fingers crossed that this group is still open when this post gets published. Heather Crabtree the owner of the group has talked about making closing it down and turning it into a paid membership but this group has roots deep for creative women. Heather the owner was previously a wedding event planner for 10 years, so she knwos about the wedding industry! In it you can find a lot of heart centered entrepreneurs, that are always looking to help, and it's a great place to get direction from who you should hire to what you should do next.

3. Wedding Industry Opportuniities and Collaborations You should be familiar with the host of this group! Kellie Daab has been on my podcast and we chatted about the 5 things we wish we knew when we started a wedding business. You can listen to that episode here. Kellie does some great live Facebook videos + challenges. It's a great place for collaboration and education.

4. Wedding Business BossesHosted by Ginny Krauss and Kristin Kaplan. This is a great group to laugh, share, and getting your questions answered by other wedding professionals. The group just got re-vamped this year and it's sharing tons of good content to help wedding professionals in their business.

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5. The Firecracker Life That's Right bitches! That's my group, so in my group I focus on creating a community where people can come to be hold accountable, learn to grow, get honest feedback, and use a little bit of profanity. A lot of my challenges are geared towards getting people to take action, learn more about marketing, and get really honest with themselves.

If you haven't joined any groups or aren't active in them. I highly suggest you do.

Facebook groups are a great way to establish a referral connection, find people who are looking for work that you do, and even make a business bestie!

Working from home can be lonely but I've found interacting in my group, really getting to know other people in a Facebook group, and keeping in touch with a few ladies I call my biz besties keeps me more fulfilled than I've been in a while working from home.

Establishing a presence in a Facebook group has made me feel less lonely because I'm surrounded by people who understand me.

I can remember working a 9-5 and loving my co-workers but not feeling understood by them. Not feeling understood in wanting to be an entrepreneur, create everyday, and be my own boss. 

Get yourself in a Facebook group today, introduce yourself, make connections and find your place in this online world. 



PS: I'm rooting for your success <3

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