How to use Pinterest for your Photography or Wedding Business

I can see the eye rolls all the way over here, another social media platform you have to stay on top for for your business!

But hear me out, this is really great news. 

Pinterest is still around and BIGGER THAN EVER FOR WEDDING PROS.

So here's the facts:

Pinterest and your wedding business.png

Pinterest is actually an insane traffic driver if you use it in the right way, PLUS GUYS it's less of a headache than Instagram.

I actually embraced Pinterest more in my floral design business than Instagram because:

Instagram makes it such a pain in ass to get to people to come to your site or get your information right? While Pinterest will drive people to site your site.
PLUS let's not forget that brides are spending a majority of their wedding planning inspiration time on Pinterest not on Instagram.

Now I'm not hating on Instagram, it's totally a great way to get traffic but Pinterest should be highly considered when you are trying to market your business.

Now that I've persuaded you into giving it a shot, let's talk about how to use it correctly:

  1. Your Pinterest profile should have 1- 3 boards dedicated just to your business and the rest of the boards can be based around wedding, types of weddings, and also general interests of your client.
  2. If you're not sure what other types of general boards to include, they are basics boards that always do well: Quotes, DIY, Travel, Home, Hair, and Fashion. If you have a Pinterest account already set up, EVEN BETTER. You can see what other boards you're types of clients are already looking into using this page on your Pinterest Profile: 

You can find this information about going to: Your profile > Analytics > People you Reach > Interests

This shows you other boards your clients like to follow and other brands they follow.  

       3. Create at least 10 boards and aim to get about 30 pins in each board

       4. Post pins from your own website to one of your designated business boards. Then re-Pin them from your business boards to another one of your boards you have. 

Pinterest likes re-pins! Instead of pinning something from your site to 4 boards at once, try to re-pin your pins.

        5. Use Tailwind or Board Booster to keep your pins cycling and watch that traffic go nuts!

I use Tailwind and love it but I know plenty of other Pinterest users that love Board Booster. 

Imagine getting your account set up in Tailwind and just watching it do it's thing getting you more followers, likes, and traffic. Now it does take a little up front work, like scheduling all your pins and you'll want to add a couple more every week BUT IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Look at these stats after using Tailwind for 30 days: