How to make $100,000 as a Wedding Pro

When I started my floral design business, I thought I open the website, tweak it, post a little bit on social media, and the clients will come.

How were they coming? Where were they coming? I had no clue but I remember thinking.."Yeah this is how I'll be successful!" 

You can guess what happened next.. I had 0 inquiries and 0 dollars coming, the only people visiting were people from my personal Facebook page (thanks Mom and Uncle Mark).

My next step was to take a step back, look at this big picture, look at this business, and decide where I wanted it to go.

Plan it out, because planning always put my anxiety at ease.

I created a strategy, and my strategy was small to start at first, just a 2 month strategy of blogging and marketing.

Before I could plan this out I needed to know how to do this stuff right, I invested in a group coaching program, took some classes, and educated myself on making sure my strategy was right. 

Then I took myself to a Starbucks sat down for 2 hours and mapped out my marketing strategy for the next 2 month, what I needed to be writing every day, and posting.

The best part about it was that there was nothing to lose, yes I had invested in programs but what I was doing wasn't getting to me anywhere. It was costing me more money to sit in the place of not knowing what I need to do.

I got to work and created a 2 month strategy, and a couple months later, I thought what if I mapped out a couple months with goals, and then of course that went further.. what if I mapped out a whole year?

Up until that point I had wanted to be successful, I wanted to make a lot of money, and book a lot of clients but it was always left as a vague idea.

A vague idea of... "some day I'll be successful, make a lot of money"

Not having a plan of when, where, or why.. would always leave my some some day. 

Let's stopping make your "someday" and make your day now. 

Here's where to start:

Step 1) Listen to the audio

Step 2) Grab the goal map PDF

Step 3) Look at the inspiration goal map down below to see how it works

A goal map takes that idea of some day and turns into an actual plan with goals and a focus.

What you do is take your big overwhelming annual goal, break it down into how many services or packages you need to sell to hit your goals, and  then you have your monthly numbers.

Your monthly numbers will tell you what you need to be hitting every month to make that big annual goal. The only thing you have to focus on is hitting those monthly goals.

That focus is a huge game changer in your business. While most of us spend time working on our websites for months, once we do this exercise we find we need to be marketing + selling more than hiding. 

By creating an idea of by this date I will have done this, this is when I will hit my goals, and this is how I'm going to do it, is the first step you need to deciding that not some day, TODAY.


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