Make more Money in Your Wedding Business


The #1 thing I see all of my wedding clients struggling with is PRICING, MONEY, AND ASKING FOR MONEY.

"When do I raise my prices?" 

"Do I give discounts?" 

"Why is nobody paying my prices"

In this video down below I'll teach you 3 ways to get over these questions and how to start making some big MONEY in your wedding business without the emotional attachment.


Here's 3 ways to start thinking richer, charging your worth, and STOP with the discounts already!

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1) Thinking like a person that makes $50K will not get you to $100K.

Think about how much you make right now and think about your goal salary.

The woman/man at $50K makes decisions at that level. They invest, take action, don't take action based upon making decisions at $50K.

Do you think a person making $100K makes decisions differently than a person making $50K?

They must be right? In order to get to that place, start operating from that person, not the person you are now.

2) Kick your money blocks in the face

"Money blocks" are these stories around money we carry around. 

Money blocks are these ideas around how much money we deserve, how much we can make, or the way you can make money put into your subconscious. 

You may have picked up these money blocks from watching your parents, society, or something that happened to you.

These blocks are IRRATIONAL, but we believe in them and then find ways to support those beliefs to be true.

For example: One of my money blocks was "I was born poor I'll always be poor" I was born into a bad area, next to the projects, and a rough neighborhood. 

This irrational belief lead me to having a bad relationship with money, where no matter how much money I received, I would spend because "I was born poor..I'll always be poor."

You can read more about my story here.

Finding awareness around this block was the first start, reprogramming new beliefs was the second step. 

3) Start valuing yourself

Most of us, as creatives, would do our work for free that leads us to believing well I would do it for free, so I kinda feel bad for charging a lot of money.

There's 2 different things happening here:

           1) You forget that your time as a human being has an end. We can always make or lose money but our time is something WE CAN NEVER GET BACK.

Think about when you say yes to doing a wedding, shooting an engagement session, or creating invitation cards. 

When you say yes to that time to do that, you are saying no to spending time with your family, friends, or doing something else you love right? 


           2) Women always under value themselves

In the book "The Confidence Code" it's proven that women won't apply to jobs unless they meet 100% of the skills required while men will apply to jobs when they only have 60% of the skills required.




4) A certain amount of money will never make you feel a certain way.


Most of us put off our happiness, feelings of success, or feelings of joy until we meet a certain criteria of money or clients.

Here's the thing:

I've had a $10K wedding client,

I've had $15K cash month, and I've had a $7K month,

saying to myself when I hit that amount of wedding,


Guess how long that feeling lasted for?





HOURS. It only lasted hours, seriously.

After I hit it, I was like okay, what's next?

The thing is.. I can feel successful RIGHT NOW, I can feel joy + happiness all right now. I can't and you can't put off your emotions for the future. 

Feel it right now and see how much changes in your mindset + your life.

You will notice better things come to you. <3

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