The 10 Best Money Mindset Books

Money mindset work changed my Life

After months of strategy + courses and putting my hands over my eyes. 
I got a real wake up call that there was only 1 thing left to do….there was only 1 Place I hadn’t looked to make myself successful and that was to look WITHIN.
Stop fucking around with another strategy.
Stop fucking around with another social media platform.
Stop fucking around with my thoughts, my habits, and my beliefs. 
Start looking within.

So I dove in, I started journaling a shit ton, I read about 10 books all on money mindset, how millionaires think, I started tracking every dollar, I started becoming aware of all the little thoughts I had about money, I started coming to terms with my money story, and why I was scared to raise my prices.

I dove in deep, I did that ugly work, of FUCK, I don’t want to face myself or my shitty thoughts. I just want to skip over this work and get to the reward.

👉 Money Mindset work will change your LIFE.

Here's my top 10 money mindset books that have changed my life:

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1) Think + Grow Rich


Think + Grow Rich for Women:


2) You are a bad ass at making money

3) Get Rich Lucky Bitch

4) How Rich People Think

5) The $100K Formula

6) F.U. Money

7) Overcoming Under Earning

8) Unleash your inner money babe

9) Money: A love story

10) The Big Leap