Turning 31.

Turning 31.

I turn 31 on March 1st and I am excited and surprised and frustrated.

I’m surprised at how quickly 31 has come, I still feel like a young 20 something figuring it all out.

I’m excited because 31 has offered a lot more clarity and direction than my 20’s.

I’m frustrated because I have high standards for myself and I haven’t met them yet.

Birthdays to me have always been super special. It might go back to that every birthday morning my mom would wake us up by saying “You say it’s your birthday!” I still have no idea where she got the song from but I’m sure it was some song.

Me and my mom!

Me and my mom!

We would celebrate our birthdays with my mom cooking our favorite meal and a boxed funfetti cake. Hmmm I love eating cake the next day and it’s room temperature and a little hard, so delicious.

I make sure all birthdays now in my home with my husband are celebrated, even if my husband isn’t a fan of big birthday gestures. I make sure he knows IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY, NO JOKE.

Birthdays to me mean more than celebration though, they call for reflection. Reflection on everything I’ve accomplished, not just in the past year but in my whole life leading up this birthday. I know from working with my clients that women don’t usually take that time to reflect, we’re always focused on what’s next, and to me I know that reflection can mean so much.

On this 31st birthday I reflect on what I’ve  done that makes me happy:

  • The 1st person in my family to get a college degree

  • Married my soulmate, a man who understands every single bit of me and why I am. He just allows me to be while also grounding me when I need it.

  • Sold my first business! < I would have crapped my pants f you told me I would do that, haha. >

  • Started a podcast

  • Paid off student loans!

  • I ALMOST meditate every day and have some mindfulness in my day

  • Major personal growth (my limiting beliefs, my money stories, and how I’ve been playing small)

Making that list almost makes me feel a little uncomfortable, a little showy right? But I’ve spent too much time recently in a place of “Why not me” and when “when will my time come?!” kinda place.

I hate that place, it’s not pretty, it doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t help me.

Reflection helps me to get out of that place and say “Shannon give yourself some time” you are doing what you need to do on YOUR TIME.

Here’s to 31 with open arms. <3

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