How to get Found in Google

You know when you walk into a clothing store and someone is like "Can I help you with something?" and you're like "NAH I got this." Then minutes're like I have no idea where the scented candles are in this store and an employee is no where in sight.

That scenario kinda reminds me of what it's like when you take a course or start learning about marketing in your wedding business.

It's like yeah I got this! Blog? No problem! Social Media? Pffftt I already do it.

Then... the questions come.

  • What pictures could I use on a blog post if I don't have any of my own photo's yet?

  • What should I be focusing on so I don't get overwhelmed?

  • How Should I be using Facebook ads for my wedding business?

  • How You should be approaching brides or potential clients on Instagram

  • How long should you wait to follow up with a bride?

  • Should you be posting on Instagram and Facebook every day? Once a day? Twice a day?

  • What about branding and colors?

Well I'm the employee you can't find in the store because I got you covered baby!

I'm sharing with you a 60 minute group coaching call I did with a couple clients I had back in May of 2016.
On the call we discussed all of these questions above.


In case you feel like you've been doubting yourself lately. Queen Bey will save the day:

Okay so back to your business. 

There are a couple updates I'm making to the audio:

1) One of the girls asked about figuring out why she was getting brides from another state to her site. She wanted to figure out WHY they were landing on her site.

Google Analytics should be installed at your site from the VERY BEGINNING.

As soon as you set up a website for your business, this step should be first on your life. 


2) How to find those words that brides are searching for // SEO Ninja style

Use the google keyword finder, I'll be doing a more in depth blog post on how to find them but for now, use this tool to fill up your blog posts with those words brides are searching for.

Search for keywords that are low in competition and high in search. 

Try it out here.

Click on "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category" I'm using NYC wedding photographer in this example:

Here's the results:

Now you want to find keywords that range in monthly searches within the 1k - above but are also low in competition.

Now this can take some investigating, don't give up.

If you only find keywords that have a decent search rate like (1k-10k) and medium in competition, I would jot it down and use it in your blog posts + on your website.

For example in this search: (new york photography, wedding photography prices, nyc photography, best wedding photographers) < these are all great key words to use> 


3) If you decide to do Facebook ads: I insist on a strategy.

A strategy could look like: taking that Facebook ads course a month before you plan on running ads.

But also: Not just directing a Facebook ad to your website and THAT'S IT.

When you run a Facebook ad you want to take the client through a journey.

First by giving them something free, then by nourishing a relationship with them- either through a sales funnel or by sharing a lot of content that is relate-able to them, even introducing yourself to them and saying hello.

But the main point of the ad is to GET THEIR EMAIL. 

Love this stuff in this article?

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