What's it like When your Biz Goes Viral

Is it just me or when you hear the word “viral” does your mind go “cha-ching! Cha-ching!”

Not just me? Awesome.

You can imagine how excited I was when I got the chance to interview a wedding pro whose video went viral.

Crazy thing is that me and Bobby has this interview scheduled and he went viral about a week before we chatted.

This was totally unexpected.

Here’s his video that went viral:

In the conversation with him I got all sorts of realz because going viral is huge but guys I was SHOCKED about what happens when you go viral.


Listen to the conversation here:


How to go viral:

  1. Get your photo / vide on a bigger site, Bobby’s video was featured on https://www.littlethings.com/, they were picked up by them but to get traction, he was submitting his video/ photo to other sites.

  2. Have a couple that is also on board to go viral too, make sure they also share the video as much as they can.

  3. Have a great title + a heartfelt story. Bobby shared that the groom told the bride “now we’re a family of three” which gave it that cute moment.

Take aways:

  1. Be READY to go viral and believe it can happen. Most of us don’t expect for it to happen and that means we don’t have a lot in place if it does go viral
  2. If it’s a video, make sure the video is first hosted on your YouTube channel and have it monetized, If it’s one of your photo’s make sure you have it hosted on your site. Bobby said that monetization was super low on the groom’s video because people aren’t likely to click on the ads on a small youtube channel.
  3.  SHARE:  Submit your photo’s to be featured on sites that feature personal pieces.
  4. Make sure your couple is into it. Bobby would have never even thought to go viral if it wasn’t for the groom being into it. Make sure they want to go viral and having them excited about going viral we’ll get them to share.
  5. Going viral if it’s not specific will not give you more inquiries to your business, crazy right? Bobby states “the net cast was so wide” that it wasn’t specifically for engaged couples which didn’t lead to more sales

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