Ever wonder how to make use of your money?

How to make the limited or lack of funds you have actually create more money?


If you are in business and you’ve come to a place where you feel stalled or stuck or that you’re just not hitting the big numbers you thought you would be, it is time to hire a coach.


Coaching gets a bad rep sometimes and that sucks because it really is the business changing move to get you to create more money in your business.


When I was deciding between starting Shannon DePalma Coaching and selling my floral design business, I sat for months in indecision, knowing I wanted to be and do more than what I was.


But I was S-T-U-C-K like stuck as in the only way I could express what was going on my head is this gif:


It was like I wanted this thing to happen so badly, the overwhelm of starting over with something brand new that at the same time seemed so exciting and terrifying left me in a place of paralyzing fear.


I had been in a couple groups, following a couple coaches, and everywhere I saw “HIRE A COACH- HIRE A COACH” and I was like:

  • yeah but I can’t afford it.

  • yeah, yeah but how will I know I’ll make my money back?

  • yeah that girl can afford it but I can’t!


Until 1 day it was like I had enough.

I invested $997 into my first group coaching program (AKA put it on my credit card). I would say I got hooked. I did it, I felt supported, I felt understood by other women, and I was also amazed at my coaches life. She was filling up group coaching programs, teaching women from home, motivating them, and making $20K a month, taking off 2 months a year.


She showed me that life I dreamed of was possible, I knew this was my calling.


Her program helped me to raise my prices in my floral design business, treat myself like a CEO, and triple my revenue. The funny thing was that I was still stalling a bit when it came to the coaching business.

It was like I was denying my true calling because it scared me so much and at the same time I wanted it SO bad. I made the floral design business work because there was less fear there. 

A couple months later I invested in another coach. I really needed for the coaching business to work or just at least START, I invested $1800 with her. Her coaching included a marketing strategy, places to get my name out there, and a couple months after working with her I booked a $10K wedding client.

After a couple months, that was it, I was going to make a decision to fully step into the coaching business and sell the wedding business.

I did. 2 months later the contracts were signed, I sold the wedding floral design business.


As I entered my first year of coaching, I was nervous, excited, and ready for this thing to WORK. I started coaching clients on the thing I knew BEST: WEDDINGS, duh.


adriana testimonial 3.png


At this point I had a few beta (Free) clients and after that I started getting more coaching clients. I was getting better, and I was working with my own coach too. I started to carve out my niche and I started to really understand between what my clients would say they want and what they really NEEDED from me as a coach.


As I came into my first engagement season as a coach for wedding pros. I had found my groove, the clients I wanted, AND had hit my first $7K month as a coach.


The following months my clients went on to hit some of the biggest goals I had ever seen.


lindsay testimonial.png


The months before I had clients that were brand new hitting their first $5K months, finding their confidence in their business, and booking 3 wedding packages in 2 weeks.

But after my first $7K month I started creating explosive results from my clients.

The clients that worked with me after this went on to:

  • Hit $25K in 3 months

  • Raise their prices from $2800 to $4K per package

  • Start becoming consistent in their marketing efforts

  • Hit $23K in 3 months

  • Become confident in their sales process

  • Book 8 inquiries in a row




When I coach my clients, it is a process, a process that I’ve found through my own personal journey and coaching other clients on getting them what they want by giving them what they need.

When you hire me as your coach I will take you through a process:


1st step: Mindset

Digging into your thoughts, beliefs, and habits around making explosive amounts of money. Uncovering blocks around why you don’t want to be more or do more. Who you need to BE in order to get where you WANT.

2nd step: Marketing + Visibility Plan

AMPING up in all ways, shapes, forms, whatever of WHERE you need to be showing up + HOW. This is where most of my clients will try to hide from homework. This is where we create a plan step by step of where you will be showing up (think Facebook, Instagram, social media channels or blogging) and in the way you WANT (what to speak, write, and say to create massive engagement).


Then the best part about this: YOU actually doing it, CONSISTENTLY.

3rd step: SALES

Selling without the sales-y part. We come up with a process of how you can go about your sales, setting up the consults, and how you can show up to be the most confident, bad ass boss that books inquiries like ALL the time.


Oh and in this phase? I have you go on a pitching spree, that’s you selling for like 20 days straight. YUP. Did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit?
I get it.


Now a lot of my clients are different, each client needs more time in one area than some.

But this process is where the life changing work comes in.


This process is what helped my clients go from investing $997 and turning it into $23,000, $25,000.


That’s it.

Sounds less scary when I put it this way right?


Invest in yourself, believe you can make your money back + then some, and do the fucking work.


If you’re set on getting coached, apply here immediately: