Most of us go about our businesses with the "doing's".

"I'm DOING all the things Shannon and still no money's."


It's easy. It's easy to figure out, it's easy to solve but to do the WORK is the hard PART.

Here's what I've learned from owning a successful wedding business + a successful online business:

If you are fucked in your head about:

-Your success
-Your belief that your business can be successful
-Or how much money you should be charging

When you deep down believe that you can't be successful.

No matter how much you do, how hard you try-

PUSH your way through things.

You will always sabotage yourself.

Your sabotage could look like this:

- Not being consistent on social media no matter how hard you feel like "you're trying"
- Not asking for the sale when you know you should be
- Not e-mailing your list
- Lowering your prices
- Worried about coming off sales-y
- Not setting any goals because fuck it you won't make them anyways!
- Not truly ever 110% going after anything


Wanna get down to the nitty-gritty + change your money mindset?

Unfuck your money mindset.png

How do I know all of this? Oh HI, have we met?

I'm Shannon, a pro self sabatoger. I used to love to complain that I was doing everything but THE MONEY WASN'T POURING IN.

Quote Graphic.png

After getting my mindset together:

  1. My biggest month ever

  2. Getting honest about my money story

  3. Committing to self discipline, doing the inner + outer work

  4. And I feel really fucking good about money now.

Ready to feel good about money?


Grab your copy of Unfuck Your Money Mindset now!