All 6 figure entrepreneurs have this 1 thing.. can you guess it?


You can't be a 6 figure entrepreneur with Part Time Self Discipline

These words rolled through my head as I'm walking out of Starbucks today and I can't believe how much I'm getting done in a day.

I used to stumble my way through work weeks.
Sitting at the computer, scrolling social media accounts, and looking at mine like

UGHHH not again.

Not another week of trying to do something or anything consistently that will get me to more sales. Or staring at the blinking cursor on my computer trying to conjure up something to mark "write blog post" off my to do list

 It was like pulling teeth. I remember that place so clearly; a place of confusion, of what am I doing?

What am I supposed to be sharing? & HOW the fuck do I make money!?
Oh how badly I just wanted that 6 figure year.
The magic number.

I grab another shiny object on a Facebook ad and say "This will do it! This Facebook ad freebie will get me to that six figure year."
Grab it, half ass the PDF, and realize she begins to repeat everything I've already heard after grabbing 30 other PDF's, work sheets, webinars, etc.....

Do the mindset work and be consistent with your marketing.

unfuck your money mindset cover tablet.png

Grab your 44 page journal to start uncovering and meeting your 6 figure personality.

Who will you be like at 6 figures?

What thoughts do you need to change?

What new beliefs do you need?

What new habits do you need?

So I go back.. keep doing it.. putting in part time hours, hiding behind my computer, sharing my posts about "SEO", and wondering WHY I haven't hit my 6 figures yet.

Until it hits me..

I've been operating from the same Shannon that is keeping me at this place.

I HAD to change. ALLLLLL of it had to change, but most importantly deep down I, Shannon DePalma

(the person, not the business) had to change.

 Ready for your change?

Ready to master self discipline?
TO BE CONSISTENT with social media?
To be consistent with your marketing?
For once and all master your work ethic + self discipline in your business?

Say yes to those things and you’ll have to say yes to changing yourself from within.

What does that look like?

Lots of inner personal work.

I’ve got this awesome 44 page journal to start you off with:

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