I see the sweat dripping off my face and hit my sneaker, my heart is pounding out of my chest, and I definitely am feeling like some nauseous happening in my stomach....

She says “Alright girl you got 5 more, you can do this, come on, just get through it”

And all I can think is “there’s no fucking way I can do 5 more, there’s no way! My body is just going to collapse like a fucking noodle here".
But I don’t say anything out loud because I know she won’t let me leave this gym until they are done, and I still have another 20 minutes left in the session.

So I get up I do 1 more squat, and I convince myself somehow that I’ll make it, I don’t really have a choice, I continue to do 1 more, than 1 more, then 1 more, until the last one and then I get there.

I should be celebrating, happy right? Look at what I did!!
But after doing that I feel like WTF, have I been capable ALL along?
And I was holding myself back? By far this has always been one of my deepest fears.

>> Never fully reaching my potential only because I was the one holding myself back. <<

But I was afraid. Afraid of pushing beyond fear, afraid of trusting my body, afraid of actually having to push beyond fear and NOT run from it.

Just like you.
You are afraid.
Afraid of investing yourself.
Afraid of starting a business you REALLY want to start.
Afraid of charging the prices you really want to charge.

Because you don't trust.
Because you feel one ounce of fear and RUN.
Because you think you're not worthy of charging what you want, doing what you want with your life, or going beyond what you think is possible for you.

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We'll allow money to flow.
We'll allow ourselves to push beyond limits that we set on ourselves..
We'll allow ourselves to feel worthy of money.

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