Okay guys so for 2 weeks I said I was only going to do what felt good. I wasn't going to force or push anything, just do whatever felt good and see how it affected my business.

Here's a small recap of what that looked like:
Over the holiday break I finally did the things I really wanted to do...

> Like have a lot of fun wrapping presents.
I made some cute flower arrangement gifts. I've always wanted to take my time wrapping presents ( I know totally weird but it's true I actually do enjoy it )

> Played a video game that really gave me a lot of inspiration, no joke, hahaha. AND I AM NOT A GAMER. Like I've never been into video games. But guys, this video game was like a business simulation, except I was a farmer, but you can create multiple streams of income, increase efficiency, etc. So every time I would play this game after it I was like I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! (see game image below)

> Getting more engagement, friend requests, and adding 50 people to my email list from just a couple Facebook posts.

I would write Facebook posts after doing something fun ( see above, haha) and people were responding. Some would join if I posted an opt in to the bottom of a post or some people responded just by heading to my business Facebook page where I have an opt in at the top of the page.

> STEP away to receive. Some times I sit at my computer trying to force something or write the "perfect" post and that shit works a little bit, then it doesn't! I found stepping away, finding the inspiration, not forcing it, and it would come.

> Trusting that if I stepped away, I would receive. It was really hard to LET GO. I would sometimes wake up and be like FUCK I don't have a social media post scheduled for today or I don't have an email going out to my list. Then I would remind myself to just TRUST, trust that just because you have something scheduled, if it's half assed, it's not going to make AS BIG of an impact if it's coming out of fear, not out of intuition or alignment.

Recap: Does it mean you'll start getting engagement and people to your list if you play that video game and make flower arrangements?

That's not the message. The message is.. that's what worked for me. Find what works for you. What inspires you. What's fun.

STEP the fuck away. Don't force it, don't try to write the "perfect" post, don't try to write with a goal of "hopefully someone buys from this post!!" Write from what you truly want to say, what you want people to know, what you truly believe in.