I know you want to teach, lead, and coach. Own it ALREADY.

I ask her "What's your vision for your future?"

"How would you LOVE to make money? If there were no limits, if you didn't HAVE to make money that ONE way."

The one way she's always been making money, working for clients or working for someone else.

She tells me,"Well I've always liked the idea of being able to work from home like you, teaching women, that would be so much fun but I'll still do my old services, just maybe half and half. I'll do my old services and mentor / teach / coach the other times."

nd I ask her again. "This is a total dream scenario. No limits. How would you love to make money?"

hen she says it.

She says what I hear women say all the time lately...

"I would love to make money just for being myself.

Just sharing things that I think are important.

Teaching, inspiring, leading.

Doing it from the comforts of my home. No more weekends or weeknights given up.

No rushing to reply to emails from clients or having them email / text / call ALL the time.

And of course, making more than the $2,000 -$3,000 I pull in now and work my butt off for.

ouldn't that be incredible?"

And I say, "Well it's possible.

Women on the internet are doing it every day.


She says..

"Oh I don't know.. don't I have to...

(insert time you need to get to the level all those people you place above you are)

or don't I need (insert some dumb ass certification for who knows what)

or what if (I can't deliver results for my clients after becoming a teacher or leader)."

I say, "See what you did there. You put up all the red tape.

On why you can't have that thing you want now.

No one else put that there... but you.

You are powerful. You are already a leader to most. You have within you the power to play with all those people you put on pedestals.

Break down the red tape.. step into the woman you were totally meant to be.

Own it already."

I'm creating all the women that are breaking the red tape, not waiting, not playing, just ALLOWING themselves to be as powerful as they've always been.

To hit their first $10K month just because they ALLOWED themselves to.

Just because they allowed themselves to step into their true calling.

What are you waiting for?

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