3 Ways to Find out if you Have Money Blocks…

A money block?


In this past year I dove SO FREAKING deep into the money mindset world and I studied, learned, and experimented with money blocks. The biggest thing I discovered was that the relationship we have with money is a mirror for a relationship we have with ourselves.

Money block: Do you avoid looking at your money?

Mirrored in life: Do you avoid looking at decisions you’ve made? Feelings you don’t want to feel? Want to avoid thinking or feeling something or going after that business you truly want?

Money is just a reflection of what is going on internally. Want another example?

Money block: I don’t trust myself to make financial decisions.

Mirrored in life: I don’t trust myself to make big decisions in my life.. so I hop around from idea to idea or thing to thing.

This is why money is such a sensitive topic because it’s not really about money.

It’s not really about a piece of green paper it is about Y-O-U.

  • It’s about facing things you don’t want to face because of pain.

  • It’s about being honest with yourself about how you’re truly treating yourself.

  • It’s about not wanting to take responsibility and just let life happen to us.

But before we can uncover that.. we have to first uncover: do you have a money block?

Let’s find out if you have a block that is stopping you from stepping into the unstoppable version of you who receives money so easily…


BLOCK #1) Do you know how much money you have in your checking account, on credit cards, in all your accounts right now?

How much are you looking at money?

Are you avoiding looking at your money?

How much is on your credit card right now?

How much is on all your credit cards right now?

What’s their APR?

How much is in your bank account right now?

How much is in all of your bank accounts right now?

What’s in your business bank account right now?

What are your expenses every month down to the penny including those random coffee trips and Amazon purchases?

When was the last time you checked your bank account?

If you don’t know the answers to ALL of these questions.. you are avoiding. Avoiding looking at money, avoiding thinking about money, avoiding making decisions about money.

You are blocked honeyyyy!

What does this block mean?

Typically when we’re at this phase ^ the avoidance phase. I find most of my clients and myself at this point feel a sense of loss of control of our lives. Maybe you don’t feel responsible for the things that are happening to you or you have no control in making more money in your life.

Maybe you feel like that it’s not in your control to make more money so why even bother? Why even LOOK at the money? You don’t have any control over the student loans, the rent, the bills, etc.. so why even bother?

There’s not enough anyways….You don’t have to keep avoiding, trust me, avoiding will eventually come to some kind of blow up…Whether it’s surprise you have a shit ton of credit card debt and now you have a big medical expense.

Or SURPRISE! You’re having a baby and you can’t afford a bigger space.

Or SURPRISE! You received a huge tax bill and have no way to pay it!

See what I’m saying?

Face your shit.


2) How do you feel about people who have a lot of money?

How do you feel about people who own BMW's, how do you feel about big homes, how do you feel about people who have super nice clothes or a really expensive hand bag?



Unfuck Your Money Mindset

Starting to think you do have blocks?

Work through them with this AMAZING journal.


Do you feel like rich people are just the worst or they’re evil?

Now let’s take a step back and think about this:

Let’s imagine someone has a lollipop you want instead of asking her how she got it, you just think she’s disgusting for having it, EVEN THOUGH... YOU WOULD LOVE THAT LOLLIPOP TOO.

Money don’t play that.

If you think someone is disgusting for having money, that’s like putting on the money repellent

3) Your pricing and your worth:

>> Do you want to raise your prices and haven't?

>> Do you keep undercharging out of fear of not booking clients, "No one will pay that!"?

>> Are you are always thinking about the people who are new and think “Oh no they are going to take my clients..”?

>> Do you keep undercharging because you need to be some place first.. you need to do x, y, and z before you can charge that much?

Answer yes to any of those questions?

Done marketing strategy after strategy after STRATEGY?

Spent $2,000 on Facebook ads and still didn't break that $3K month?

Still not hitting that $8K-$10K month?

Feel like you're doing EVERYTHING in your business but you're still not hitting those big income goals?

There's 1 place you forgot to look....within.

Your relationship with money is what is holding you back from hitting those big money months that you are fully ready to start hitting like yesterday.

The work that makes you big money months isn't outside of you-

  • It's not how many funnels you have

  • It's not about how much you spend on Facebook ads

    It's about the inner relationship you have with money and valuing yourself, and knowing you are worthy AF.


Ready to work through your blocks?

Grab the journal below!