3 things I did to hit $32,227 in 1 month in my business

3 things i did to make $32k.png

I did not leap from $3K to a $30K month by:

  • taking a marketing course

  • amplifying my funnels or

  • by learning all the secret algorithm hacks for social media.

I did not leap in income because I learned “some secret strategy".”

My entire leap in income was a subtle shift in power and a murder. 🤭🤭🤭

I shifted my power from everybody else to me. I was in the quick sand of people pleasing and it was not only keeping me small but keeping my income small too.

I wanted everyone (especially my audience) to LIKE me.

To APPROVE me and of course, buy from me but I can confidently tell you now, that your people pleaser AKA “your nice girl” is KILLING your business and income.

She is keeping you small and she is keeping your income stuck.

Once you break up with her and start to get into bed with the real, true, powerful YOU, you’ll watch yourself be seriously rewarded.

This is for the woman that has done "everything” by the books:

  • you’ve hired the coach.

  • you’ve taken the courses.

  • you’re writing the posts

  • you’re showing up consistently on social media

  • you are putting in the FUCKING WORK

but your income.. it’s not moving.

That's because you've looked everywhere else but WITHIN.

  • That is where your power begins.

That is where you can find THE ANSWERS.


Your money power LIES WITHIN.


Here’s how you’re going to SHIFT your power from everybody else to WITHIN you AND you’re going to kill that nice girl….

Shift #1: Relationships:

If at the last family holiday, you were trying to prove to your family that you’re going to be successful or that they don’t have to worry about you… we’re going to need to flip the power from whatever the fuck your family thinks to YOU.

Here’s the thing, let me talk straight to you:

You’re the person in this business, you’re the one that watches all the other women that become successful in this, that do insane things.

You know what’s possible. THIS IS YOUR PATH and you GET IT.

They don’t, they probably don’t even know anything about this while online business thing, so who the fuck cares what uncle Tom who’s worked as a carpenter his whole life thinks about your online business!

As long as YOU have confidence in what you’re doing and you OWN IT, everyone else will respect it too!

Now there’s another piece to this relationship part that we’re going to have to talk about it.

Take the relationship where you feel like you can’t be honest with the person, you have to walk on egg shells, or you just generally feel like you have to censor yourself.

Now, the same way you feel in this relationship with that person.

The feelings, the actions, the beliefs, are probably EXACTLY the SAME as your relationship to MONEY.

Scared to tell them the truth?

Right, you don’t check your bank account because there’s truth.

Don’t want to have an tough conversation with them?

Right, you don’t want to address your money problems either, that’s why you throw away the credit card statement every month.

Act like you have no choice with this person? That this is just the way the relationship is!

Sammmeeee victim mentality you have with money: “I just don’t make enough money or I can’t make more money, I don’t have any time!”

If you EMPOWER yourself to know that you can:

  1. have boundaries (that means saying NO to something or some people!)

  2. let people know how they can / can’t treat you

  3. speak your truth, BE HONEST.

  4. have an opinion that is different (that means you don’t have to agree with everything you say)

  5. you ask for help

  6. stand up for yourself and your values

These are all just healthy traits and characteristics to have and to create healthy relationships.

These are also the things that will MURDER YOUR NICE GIRL, because you won’t be people pleasing anymore.

Trust me, the only consequence of this murder is you being MORE YOU and MORE MONEY!


Shift #2: You're eating popcorn for lunch and coffee for breakfast.....

Here you are.. swooning over my $32,000 month like dayyyummm Shannon, I fucking want that!

But if I were to ask you right now.. how you took care of yourself today?

You would tell me… aghhhhh… umm…

BUT YOU, you are the person that is supposed to make this $32,000 month happen.

If I told you….

“Hey I want to drive my car across the country and

I haven’t changed the oil in 6 months

The tires are balled

The engine is making a weird ticking noise

and the air conditioning blew a couple months ago”




That’s why when you’re like….

Shannon I want to make $20,000 this month and I’m like okay cool..

  • what did you eat for breakfast or lunch?

  • when was the last time you moved your body or exercised?

  • when was the last time you did something for yourself not just for your business or family?

If you can’t give me answers that sound like you’re taking good care of yourself, I’m going to give you the same response you gave to me about the car example.


Like your the thing that has to make this thing happen.

That means:

  • you FUEL yourself

  • you move your body

  • you treat yourself kindly + re-energize yourself

You are the vehicle that has to make these big things happen, that means taking really good care of yourself.

Feeding yourself.

Moving your body.

Keeping your creativity in check.

None of this here ^^^ says spend hours in front of your computer!


Shift #3: you are constantly seeking answers outside of you or copying others….

Ever try to copy someone else’s program? (I promise I won’t tell, I’m guilty of it too)

Ever try to copy someone else’s sales page? (I promise I won’t tell, I’m guilty of it too)

Ever see someone else doing something in their business successfully and think.. well I can do that..and then you try to do it and it flops?

Ever grab those free PDF’s or watch a webinar and hope that it will give you step by step instructions? Then maybe it does… but somehow it still doesn’t work for you?

AGHHHH HELLOOOOOO little thing called intuition.

Your intuition is YOUR MONEY MAKER, but fear is so much louder now that you can’t hear it.

You’re so caught up in a never ending fear based task list to try to do as much as you can so you can.. make as much as you can…

but somehow you’re still ending the month at the same amount of money?


That’s when you’re operating from fear not from your intuition.

Your intuition will lead you to the content ideas, the programs, or the ideas that will go on to become your BIGGEST money makers.

What I’m about to ask you to do is going to go against everything you’ve been doing.

I’m going to ask you to step away from social media.

From your Facebook feed from your Instagram scroll hole.

From anybody telling what you should be doing right now.


Go for a walk in nature, take a bath, sit and read a good book (a business book doesn’t count!).

Let yourself HEAR YOURSELF and the minute you HEAR something, ACT IMMEDIATELY.

This will get you to start developing your self trust muscle, do this a couple more times:

1) Get quiet

2) Listen

3) Take massive action

4) Be rewarded

You’ll start to feel self trust again, you’ll start to realize that you don’t NEED anybody to tell you what to do.

You’ve got self trust.


Your quantum leap of income will happen when you understand that your work always begins within YOU.

With how you perceive yourself in relationships.

Change how you see yourself in relationships ( if you think you can't speak your truth to your parents, set boundaries with your time + attention, )

With how you treat your body.

(stop punishing your body for not making money)

With how you receive pleasure.

(stop denying yourself pleasure, love, + sex because you're not making money, not wearing the cute underwear, or you ate nachos that day)

With how you understand TRUSTING yourself.

(looking to get the okay from everybody, looking to the next marketing strategy to hit the numbers, if you're calculating your numbers over and over that is where it WON'T work)

NOT looking at your money.

(letting shame of debt or spending your money until it's gone, not keeping track of money coming in or going out, you have to have a loving, healthy respectful relationship of money NOW, not when it shows up, RIGHT NOW)

You have to EMOTIONALLY and energetically get behind your marketing strategies.

You have to find your power within, not outside.

But you can not make leaps in income BEING the same person you are RIGHT NOW.

My 6 step process for working through your money blocks begins with changing all of these things:



  • FOCUS: you have to stop focusing on the people who can't afford your program, who say this or that, your focus has to be on the people you can serve + your MISSION




When you go through these 6 steps ^ that is when you can leap to new levels of income from $3K to $30K.

I’m hosting a free LEAP YOUR INCOME LIVE CHALLENGE about ALL of these 6 steps, you’ll receive:

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Breakdown of how I made $32, 227:

1) I signed 3 ($10,000 clients with 2 of them going on payment plans)

Client #1: $10,000

Client #2: $10, 800 (payment plan)

Client #3: $10, 800 (payment plan)

2) Automatic payments came in from my course Laziest $10K month that I launched the month before:

payment #1: $209

payment #2: $209

payment #3: $209