Okay guys here's a funny story.

This story still astonishes me to this day but at the same time, it makes complete sense.

If you've been following me for the past month and the past year! I really truly believe that mindset and doing the inner work is how you get to those big money months.

Making that $15,000 was the easiest and simplest thing I've ever done.

There's been other times when I hustled and struggled to a $5K month but I always remind myself: HEY you don't need to do that because remember that one time you made $15,000 super easy?

Okay so here's how it happened guys:

I had my wedding business but to make it clear: I did not have a shop, I did not have a van, I hardly had inventory, (I had 4 mason jars, flower scissors, and an arbor), so when the sale was done, they walked away with a website and a couple mason jars.

So before all that happened I had these sticky notes everywhere, I had challenged myself to make $10,000 in 1 month. Before this I had booked a $10K client and was like oh that's fun!

Let's see if I can do that again but with EVEN less work.

The $10,000 client was a wedding client with a big vision, so that meant a lot of work (hire more people, lots of planning, and lots of labor) and I was like yeah that's cool but $10,000 with the least amount of work!?

Umm yes please.

So I had these $10K sticky notes everywhere. They were on my laptop, on my mirror, on the fridge, just everywhere.

It's coming to the end of the month and I'm like how the fuck am I going to make this $10,000!? I had made $2,000 and I had 2 weeks left in the month.

It really seemed impossible right.

So that's going through my head, I see the $10K sticky note and I think well.. how can I make $10,000 in 2 weeks?!

And like a flash of inspiration, I have the thought: "SELL YOUR WEDDING BUSINESS"

I had nothing to lose!? Why not see what happens!?

I put up a craigslist post... in the for sale section for businesses.. and with a price of $10,000.

I get a call like hours, HOURS later, with 2 women extremely interested.

WE set up a date to meet, they give me a deposit, and we start the paper work.

2 weeks later, I had a check for $10,000, and there was an additional $5K negotiated to be distributed at later dates.

There are SO many ways to hit your goals, but the momentum that comes with hitting big money months and having it be EASY is where I find the REAL work comes in.

It's like we almost force it to be hard because that's all we ever known.

That work and making money has to be hard. That if someone is going to pay us a lot of money, ohhh we better over deliver, and we better name our first born after them!

But when we clear out all the bullshit money stories and allow urselves to receive money because we are so worthy and valuable, that is the most beautiful thing we can do.

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