[ I worry I'm not enough to charge what I want...]

Have you felt this?
Worried about this?
Said this?
What if there was NOTHING to fix to make more money in your business?
What if you didn't need that Instagram / Pinterest / webinar / or Facebook course?
What if you didn't need to do anything more or know more?
You just need to emphasize your strengths?

You just need to play up more of your the things you're already amazing at?
You don't need to learn more or do more, you just need to be BE MORE of who you already are.
But you're not owning it because you fear that there's something missing.
You're missing something or you're not doing it RIGHT.
You're not showing up right, or putting your offer out right, or you're not marketing right.

But if you could see how you are so much ENOUGH right now.
That you won't fuck it up.
That you won't do it wrong.
Because YOU, you are already ENOUGH.

You are already enough to book 5 clients this month, you are already enough to hit the 6 figure year, or you are already enough to have the dream body, relationships, and work you desire.
And once you GET THAT, everything changes.
This is how I work as a coach now, to see your strengths, to see your incredible potential, and I hold that space for you, to step up and meet it.
I see it, say this is where you are going, don't deny it, we are fucking doing this, meet me here.

And of course.. you'll resist me, cry, scream, and fight me every inch of the way saying "But Shannon about what this fancy new marketing strategy!?" and I'll say..... let's stay the fucking course.

And then.. before you know it....

We're surpassing your monthly money goals in 11 days.
Raising your prices and booking clients at that $5K price.
Hitting and surpassing your first 6 figure year.
Launching that program you've really been dying to do and booking a client in 3 weeks.
See yourself as playing with the big league people you put on a pedestal for so long.

You are enough.