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Okay I didn't really tell my mom to fuck off but it was as close as to fuck off as I could get at that time.

The first time I stood up to her.

If you are a super ambitious, motivated woman you too may have a complicated relationship with your mother. (don't believe me? Watch the movie LadyBird)

She might not know how to communicate with you or be frustrated by these big large goals you have.

She may not understand why you seek the life you do and she may sometimes say small criticisms about your life like

"You can't be a good mom and a business owner"
"Why do you need to be rich?"
"Don't you guys have enough money?"
"You're spending too much money on your business"
Now my mom has always motivated me and supported me but it was when I started fully acting in my power and stepping up into the person I want to be (like the girl who goes into the Coach store) that my mom started to get uncomfortable.

We've always had a little bit of a complicated relationship....

Now you can finish reading the story down below or watch the video here:

Here's how it went down:

I was shopping with my mom and sister around Christmas time. I wanted to go into the Coach store, (not even the real store, it was the outlet), and my mom started.

She at first started before saying that she wasn't going to go into the "fancy stores" with me, that her and my sister were going to leave after they went into "their stores."

I called her out for that (wooo that one was hard) I said it was rude and it was hurtful. So she decided to stay.

Then as we were approaching my turn to go into the "fancy stores", my mom started saying things like:

"Where did my old Shannon go?"
"Remember when we used to make fun of people who bought those hands bags? "
"How silly it is for them to spend that money on a hand bag?"
"When did you become different?"

So that was it, I wasn't going to allow "my mom to have her opinion" about my life.

Fuck that.

So it came down to me telling my mom, you get on board with the vision for my life or you get the fuck off the train.

Because this train has a destination and if you're not on board with my vision for my life, GET OFF.

Because let's face it, we battle enough with ourselves day in and day out, and if we allow just a couple little voices here and there to creep in on our thoughts, it can throw off our business for DAYS, WEEKS, OR MONTHS.

You know what happened?

Well no I didn't get a coach bag, aghh just didn't find the one that spoke to me.

But my mom and I cooled on talking, we talked for the first time last week.

We talked about how our relationship is changing and for the first time in my life, I had a real, honest, productive conversation with my mom.

A conversation about how we as women need to tell people how they can talk to us...

and my mom said that what I'm doing, even what I did at the Coach store..


Take away lesson from this story that will increase your monthly income:

1) Setting boundaries with your power.

Get all your loved ones on board with your vision. IF they're not , it is okay for that relationship / friendship to CHANGE, I guarantee that relationship will either become better or it wasn't helping you in the first place.

2) You need to start standing up for what you want and declaring it in ALL your relationships

Like telling the waiter no I didn't order a regular coke, I ordered a diet coke.
Telling your husband no I want the Chinese food! I do care, haha.
Telling your family members, this is the goal I am going after, get on board or get off

3) Once you started implementing these in your life, you will start magnetizing paying clients with just a couple Facebook posts, No doing 3904823 things just to get clients who say "I can't afford it"