I broke up with universe in my biz and here's what happened...



Recently I went on a full detox from any universe talk, horoscopes, picking cards, reading my horoscope, or notes from the universe....

I found that part of me was giving my power to the universe.
I was giving my power to outside things.
I was hoping if my horoscope said something good today, it meant I was going to succeed!
I was hoping that if I gave something over to the universe, it would make it happen for me.

AND it was scary AF, to think I was only going to ONLY rely on myself to give the green light.

What I did instead was take that power from the universe and put it in my hands.
This doesn't mean that you have to give up whoever you look to. 
No you can still have that.

But instead of asking for the universe to show you that you're enough, that you're good enough to get the high end client, that you're good enough to start making more money, or that you're good enough to start being an expert now.

What if YOU were the one to tell you... hey you're good enough right now.. like TODAY. 
Like TODAY you can book a $5K pay in full client.
Like TODAY you are an expert and a leader in your industry.

No more waiting for the sign.
No more waiting for the green light.
No more waiting to pull the right card.
No more waiting for the right note to come from the universe


PS: I started this experiment February 6th, and by February 28th, I had my biggest month yet <3