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[ Let's talk about pain, a topic avoided in the online entrepreneur world, but deeply felt by all of us... ]

You have so much potential right now sitting within you.

I know you're scared to acknowledge the power within you.

I know you're scared to acknowledge that you could be ME.

That you could be making the amount of money I am or running the type of business I am.

I know you're scared to see the stuff you've been running from, like raising your prices, or getting real about how you need to show up online.

I know you're scared to invest in yourself because it's really fucking scary and you've done it so much already.

I know you want to run away from pain. You want to run away of how powerful you can actually be.

Because you're listening to all the "what if's" right now in your life.

What if you invest in yourself and don't make the money back? What if you invest in yourself and you get in more debt?

What if this doesn't work? What if you can't do this?

What if you can't book a client at a higher price?

What if this is another thing you do and nothing changes?

Here's how I process pain + fear now: I feel it deeply, I acknowledge it, and say I see this fear, I feel the pain if nothing works out, and you know what I'll keep doing?

I keep GOING.

I take the steps I need to keep growing, keep improving, and I embrace the pain and say if I fuck it up, you know what?

I'm going to be a-fucking okay.

Just like you are going to be a-fucking-okay if you invest in yourself.


Don't run from the PAIN, face the PAIN, invest in yourself, get better and keep growing.

I can promise you, the pain becomes worse, the MORE you avoid the scary stuff.

Click below to work with me. I know you're ready.

Face the pain + grow.