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We're all just freaks and outcasts in this online entrepreneur world....

You may not have felt accepted in a traditional corporate job.
You may have felt like you are too much in your family.
You may have felt like you're weird, different, or an outcast from "normal" people.
You may have felt like you should be happy with the regular stuff, a 9-5, the regular life, but it's not enough for you.

That's why we have this little part of the internet where we all gather and push each other to be more of ourselves.
To not hide or dim our light.
But to let our freak flag fly high.

I've always been known as a firecracker, a nickname coined by my husband.
I don't sugar coat things. I'm incredibly direct and honest.
This gift that in the corporate world was obviously my biggest downfall, now in this world, is my greatest blessing.

With my coaching, it allows me to go deep with clients quickly and get results fast.
I don't dance.
I won't try to tell you it's okay or yeah it's hard.
I'm incredibly direct and honest about what's going on with you.

But more than anything, as your coach, I want you to be 110% yourself. 
It is safe to be yourself in this world.
WE only want to watch and be lead by people who are being authentic.
If you want fast traction in your business, don't hold back, be you.

Girl, today, let your freak flag fly.