How to have your first $13K month in your coaching business

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I have a vision and I’ve always had this vision, that I would build a business and make a lot of money, impact a lot of women without sacrificing my family, my time, my body, my health, or my sanity.

There were times, I thought it wasn’t possible, that I would have to work ALL the time, that I would have to take on clients I didn’t like just to pay the bills, but I quickly found that IT’S NOT TRUE.

You do not have to wait to have a $13,000 month or 6 figure year, every single one of you can have all of these things RIGHT NOW. (I promise).

Business is a lot simple but sometimes it can be hard to get that. you might feel like:

  • What do you have to do to make money?!

  • Why is this so hard?!

  • It feels like I'm doing everything or I'm doing what people told me I should do.

  • or you may be transitioning from 1 business to another from 1 niche to another and feeling very confused about where to start now.

Okay so I'm about to blow your mind and make business INCREDIBLY simple.

The basics of running an online business:

1) there’s a problem

2) you solve it

(You can watch the video down below or keep reading)


Let’s talk about how to create Your Lazy 6 Figure Foundation (in case you haven’t picked up yet, I love doing things the lazy way).

Step 1) Your Business Model

Offer 1 high end package or service.

High end means: your service is above $2500 to work with you.

A high end package or service will give your business immediate cash flow.

Your business is going to need cash flow right now in order to survive long term.

I highly suggest creating this service or package when your audience is small because standard industry conversion rates are 1-3%.

For example:

If your audience right now is say 200 people on your email list.

That means your audience will convert at 1-3% for something you sell them.

Let’s say you’re selling a $200 intensive, you will sell 2 of them (1%).

That means you’ll bring $400 (if both people pay in full).

NOW if you sell a high end service or package (above $2,000):

Your audience is 200 people that’s 2 people.

That’s $4,000.

See what I’m saying?

PS: it also takes the same amount of energy to sell a $200 offer as it does to sell a $2,000 package.

Here’s just a couple reasons why your business needs to focus on building cash flow right now:

1) Your lazy 6 figure foundation needs a high end offer or service because you pay TAXES! (SHOCKER RIGHT?)

I set aside 30% of my profit, every month. So if your making money.. you’re paying money!

2) In order to scale and grow your business you have to put money back into your business that can be:

  • paying your coach

  • hiring an assistant

  • hiring a cleaning lady

  • paying for Facebook ads

  • hiring a marketing agency

  • etc.

See what I mean.. we’re going to need cash flow!

3) You also need to be taken care of as a business owner, if you are exhausted running from call to call or skipping lunch to get that blog post written, not eating, or not taking time for yourself or your family, can you really deliver your best work? Not really.

When you take care of YOU and your business, you will get amazing results, and amazing results = MORE CLIENTS.

PPSSSTTT: Know that you already want to sell a high end service or package BUT don’t know what type of content will attract high end clients?

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This totally free step by step guide + a 30 minute video training includes case studies, exercises, and tips on how to write posts that convert into high end clients. 

In this 12 page step by step PDF you will learn:

  • Stand out from the crowd: Get people to stop in their scroll hole, read your post, and engage with your content

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  • How to write to keep people's attention: Learn how write to keep people's attention and inspire engagement

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Step 2) You have to go deeper than doing this just for you or for your family….

I know you started this business to either help your family or spend more time with your family, maybe it was so you can travel around the world.. whatever it is.. the personal motivation or goal of this thing isn’t going to get you through the times when..

  • Nobody has watched your videos

  • Nobody is scheduling calls

  • Nobody is clicking on your blog post

  • Your bank account is about to head into the negative…

What will get you through is a bigger mission, a bigger vision, it is your WHY.

Finding your true, purpose and passion this is the thing you need to know when nobody has watched your videos, applied for your program, or said yes to any of your programs…

This is your WHY, if you know your WHY, the reason why you’re here to show up, share content, and help people.. then you won’t be stopped EVER.

My why: I believe that if women make more money the world will be a better place.

It’s what keeps me going and fully believing in this business.

What is your WHY?

Do you want to make a big impact in the world?

What does your why look like?

Simon Sineck has some amazing stuff on finding your why + when companies fail because they haven’t found their why.

Watch this short clip here where he talks about it:


Step 3) Marketing can be simple, but your fear is complicating it.

  1. Funnels

  2. Webinars

  3. Cart closing emails

  4. The perfect website

  5. The most beautiful Instagram feed

You don't need any of that to sell high end programs, I promise!

A lot of time our fear likes to complicate things. It wants to make the idea of achieving a big goal, almost impossible, so we complicate it.

We act like there’s tons of things we have to do before we can make a lot of money or we have to work “really hard” to make a lot of money.

Keep your marketing simple, keep your business simple.

I’ve booked all my high end clients ($10,000 plus) when:

  • my website was a freaking mess

  • my Instagram feed looked like a 5 year old put it together

  • and my brand photos were selfies

But I did it because I knew how to market myself confidently, because I knew that more women were seeking deep transformation, and I showed up for myself + for the women who needed me.

Marketing yourself during these times is way less about how you look online and way more about how you make people feel.

Marketing your package is REALLY simple: you show up, tell people about your solution to their problems, and offer a way for them to work with you.

Really that’s it!

PPSSTTT: want to learn how I sign high end clients ($10,000) only using Facebook posts?

Grab this work book here and I discuss the 4 types of content that attract high end clients:

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In this work book + 4 part video training I will teach you:

  • the 4 types of content that convert into $10,000 clients

  • money mindset exercises (you are going to feel so freaking confident marketing for high end clients after doing these)

  • see real life examples from me + clients (yup see what it looks like put into action!)

  • 4 videos explaining how to write your own with a step by step work book

4) your money mindset needs WORK.

If you feel good about money, if you feel confident about what you’re charging, there is no FREAKING WAY YOU WON’T SUCCEED.

Think about it this way: if you are trying to make money in your business, but you avoid money, hate money, have negative feelings toward money, it’s going to be really hard to make money if you don’t have a healthy foundation of money mindset.

The biggest thing I see stopping women from making like a butt ton of money in their business is their money mindset.

  • They undercharge.

  • Feel weird about charging money for their services!

  • Feel like their not worthy of charging more.

  • Think that asking for money in exchange for their services is like the worst thing EVER

  • Wonder if they need to lower their prices

  • Give discounts to family + friends

  • Just want to help everyone so they never own their money making abilities

GUYS! please if you’re reading this, KNOW THIS FACT:

Women Entrepreneurs Pay Themselves 28 Percent Less Than Men Do.


But because your money mindset is so messed up around what you can charge, around what your allowed to own around money, you continue to undercharge!

I promise you if there’s anything I’ve owned from owning 2 successful businesses, it’s that the minute I work on my money mindset, my business completely changes.

Instead of putting my ideas around:

  1. what people can pay

  2. what I can charge

  3. or what people “can afford”

Instead I OWN what I know I’m worthy of, I book clients like immediately and make the money I want.

I have put in the WORK around my money mindset.

Want to know how to raise your prices and book 5 figure clients?

Grab this work book HERE where I talk about the 4 types of posts that convert high end clients AND I talk about the money mindset work that goes into creating a better money mindset ALSO: