How to: create your first high end coaching package

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Day 2: Crafting your high end package: Stop creating low end programs!

Before when I was undercharging for my work I used to create low end programs all the time. My time was focused on creating content and then low end programs over and over.

I remember one time doing 9 Facebook live’s, NINE GUYS, for a $99 course.

When you are in that space of creating low end programs or undercharging for your 1:1 program, or maybe not even talking about your 1:1 program, because you are convinced that nobody will buy it, you are dealing with the money mindset monster.

You have convinced yourself that people don’t buy, people won’t pay, and there’s no way you can sell anything for more than $397 or $2K.

I’m here to tell you, it was EASIER to sell my $6K + $10K packages than it was to sell $99 and $397.

Coming back to setting that 6 figure foundation that has cash flow…your business can not sustain on making a couple hundred bucks, IT CAN NOT.

I’m here to tell you, it was EASIER to sell my $6K + $10K packages than it was to sell $99 and $397.

Coming back to setting that 6 figure foundation that has cash flow…your business can not sustain on making a couple hundred bucks, IT CAN NOT.

Guys can we take a second… who here remembers getting transformation from a:

  • a $99 program?

  • A $200 program?

  • Maybe even a $500 program?

Now who here remembers:

  • a $2K program?

  • a $5K program?

  • Maybe for you it could be your first $997 program?

Because there is a difference in the way people show up for a program where there is A LOT OF SKIN in the game.

IF you want to serve, if you want to transform people, not just help them or keep them comfortable, you have to a high end program.

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There’s 4 types of content that attract high end coaching clients.

Want to know what they are?



Now I’m not mocking the low end business model, it works really well for a lot of people AFTER they have a foundation, they’ve built a following, and they have their true message nailed down.

Okay so the next question you’re going to ask is HOW Shannon?

HOW do I sell high end programs?

What does it look like?

The question is not HOW, the how is the easy part, and I will get to that.

A business that is lazy doesn’t focus on WHAT I NEED TO DO, it focuses on WHO do I need to become.

The question is WHO do you need to become to start selling higher end programs and packages?

What do you need to believe + know about yourself in order to sell higher end programs?

What do you have to let go of to sell a high end program?

How can you make yourself feel so freaking worthy of a high end client?


When you can get your mind behind why you can easily sell high end packages, why you are so freaking worthy, and why having higher end packages is of more SERVICE to people, then you don’t need a HUGE to do list.

Guys you don’t need to add anybody to your list or your following, they are there RIGHT NOW.

  • My client made $33K this month

  • my other student got 300 people interested in her program and not a single person followed her

  • My other client made $15K with a brand new coaching business with 150 likes on her Facebook page.

The lazy way is:

1) get behind it, get the fuck behind it, that you can do this, that you are worthy, << that is all the WORK you really need to do. Your to do list should just be get behind my prices.

2) Your higher end package should be focused on transformation, not about your ego, do NOT STUFF A PROGRAM THAT IS JUST FULL OF YOU TRYING TO PROVE. It is not about you, it is about the client.

3) The program should be longer than 6 weeks, I’ve offered shorter program, it has to be longer to get that transformation, it’s just my input, my clients do get quick changes, rapidly and fast, but I know that in order for them to work through the phases of was that luck, can I do this without a coach, to truly get the shift that stays, they need more than 6 weeks of work

4) You show up ONLY talking to people who are ready for transformation NOW, not the one’s that are waiting or who even have objections, forget anybody else that can’t afford you, forget any of that, speak to the woman who is like I need this girls work.

5) All you have to do is SHOW up as you know people will get results. The only showing up you need to do is Facebook posts or FAcebook lives, fuck a sales page, fuck the funnels, keep it lazy. if you show up as aghh I don’t know, maybe, aghh who would want to work with you!?

Okay these are the only THINGS YOU NEED TO SELL A HIGH END PACKAGE, if you truly want to be lazy, if you don’t, if you want to make it hard, if you want to struggle, that is your choice, I choose lazy ALL DAY.

I choose to know if I can get my mind behind it, show up as the bad ass coach that I am, it WILL SELL.

I do not have to complicate it, you do not have to complicate money, you do not have to struggle for money, release the old pattern of struggling for money, start a new story.

Want to know what types of content attracts high end clients?

There’s 4 types of posts that I’ve found that work to convert high end clients.

There’s a 10 page PDF and 4 videos that are so GOOD.