How to have faith in your business when you have $0!

The laziest $13K Month Day 4: STAY IN THE ROOM

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Welcome back to the laziest $13K month and today is WHERE WE GET ALL SORTS OF LAZY.

If you do: mantra’s, affirmations, your journaling your freaking head off and you’re still not hitting your money goals this live stream will change everything you know.

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You need to go watch them, they tell you how to package your high end package so it sells (and yes you do need a high end package), how to get $10K clients from 1 Facebook post, and what a 6 figure business foundation looks like.

The lazy way of running a business really just comes down to making everything SIMPLE and honestly the simplest way to hit your goals, is if you do the work in your head.

I was talking with my client the other day, who has just had her first $33K month and I was like tell me how you feel about this month, she put into perfect words. She said “it’s hard, like it’s not easy to do the work in your head, but after you do it, you almost feel like an idiot for how complicated you made everything seem”

So you might feel like I do mindset work all the time, I journal, I get it Shannon, but here’s what I want you to know, you can mantra, do affirmations, say 100 positive money mantras, but if you not have addressed what is truly going on beneath the surface, you will not hit your income goals.

The real root cause of not hitting your income goals lies in your beliefs and the action you take to prove them wrong or right.

For example: Let’s say right now on a daily basis you have thoughts that no one will buy your $3K package or you feel like it is SUPER hard to sell it.

Eventually you seek out ways to PROVE that belief to be true and the cycle continues over and over, until eventually you lower your price or try to sell something for $97.

In order to sell something you have to “get behind it”, that means that without a doubt you are fully and completely convinced that this thing is happening, that it’s totally possible, and there’s no way you won’t get this thing.

This is where the quote “staying in the room” comes from. If you’ve ever been to hot yoga and they tell you to “just stay in the room, even if you can’t hold a pose,” it’s challenging your beliefs. They want you to prove your belief “that you need to get out of this fucking room before you turn into a puddle" wrong, haha.

So if you stay in that hot yoga room, even when it feels uncomfortable, you are now proving the belief that “you can’t stay in the room any longer” to NOT BE TRUE.

From there you can keep growing and expanding, maybe next class, you’ll hold the pose for longer.


So let’s think about in terms of your $3K package, if your belief (belief can not just be changed mantra’s and affirmations alone), instead of promoting it for just a little while and then no one buys it so you create something low end or new or discount it, what if you just “stay in the room?”

You just hold on to the belief and truly convince yourself everyday that someone is going to buy it, and you STAY THERE. Don’t offer something new, don’t discount it, just STAY IN THE ROOM.

Then once you do it, you now have broken that belief to not be true, which will lead you to go on to now establishing the new belief that of COURSE people buy your $3K package, and you rinse and repeat that process over and over with every new price.

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Trust me: stay in the room. You’ll thank me when you’re a completely different person in 6 months.

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