Why your relationship with your mom or dad is causing you to not be seen as an expert

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I know you are dying to be seen as a leader in your industry.
You want people to reach out to you to work with you, to respect your time and definitely not message you with "I'd love to get your feedback on this thing.." (yes that thing you would charge money to do and they want it for free), and you want to be tagged in posts where people are looking for influencers or people to hire.


You share testimonials, wins, look at what my clients did, here's what I did, isn't this amazing?
While you think.."do you see me as a leader yet?"
Will this thing prove to you that I know what I'm doing and I'm great at what I do.

But the pattern you play out with this stuff ^ is the exact same pattern you're playing out with your mom or dad. 
You want them to respect you, to see you as a business owner, to see that you're doing great things, and might even be making $5K-$10K a month but it still doesn't seem like they get it yet or respect what you're doing.
They might make comments about how "cute your little online business is" or that you should just give up this business thing and focus more on your kids or family.
Every time they say those statements you boil up a little inside. 
You feel the frustration almost come blowing out through your ears and the cycle of proving to everyone begins again.

The way you're not showing up confidently, worthy, and like a fuck yeah woman who gets what she wants, is the same way you show up with your parents.
You get treated that way.

You get treated that way with clients, potential clients, strangers on the internet, your parents, friends, possibly your spouse, and most definitely... with money.

Until you fix that pattern, you will continue to be treated that way, and you will chase, chase, chase money, until you're burnt out and exhausted or until you have a lot of money but you're fucking miserable.

How do you do that? ^ 
Work with me of course ;)