3 ways to get out of business debt + not get back in..

The Dirty _D_ Word.png

How I paid off all my business debt in 1 month + why I won't get be getting back into it. A convo on the dirty d word in the entrepreneur world: the shame, the anger, and the fear… I'm talking about it.

If you are going to be an entrepreneur you have to be ready to deal with lots of THIS. Know your money, watch your money, + more than anything being an entrepreneur isn't.. I spend x amount of money.. where’s my ROI?! It is NOT easy, it will take you to shit level of feelings and it will make you feel amazing, but get this right.. it is not EASY. Stop in your head.. trying to make this EASY. You need a level of mental stamina + emotional stability to KEEP going.

This is for someone who is already in debt and your debt is stopping you from moving forward in any PART of your life.

In 2017 I made investments that didn't pay off right away, and honestly they probably could have, but because I was in such fear, or worry or doubt or anger.. I then turned that investment inwards towards myself + a little bit outside myself, anger towards people rising up after me, anger towards the industry.... That lasted for 8 MONTHS GUYS. 8 FREAKING MONTHS.

Once I turned my relationship with money on it's head, I let go of the anger + the shame + the fear and I just went full force towards my dreams, even with my debt. That lead me to paying off my debt in 1 month, paying a business coach in full, not creating anymore debt for myself (I made another $12K in investments), and completely changing my life + out look on money.


Shame, fear, anger: How those emotions kept my debt in the dark because I did not face it.

Your debt can be around business, college, personal, etc. Stop strangling your past self + his/her decisions, take full responsibility for the decisions you have made in the past, and love yourself for making those decisions.

Now when I look back at that woman, I don't get angry with her, she was just seeing the bigger vision, and saying YES. The empowerment came from creating the money, finding the money, that's where I found myself feeling powerful towards the next steps for my life.

(the power relationships your playing with money is KEEPING YOU BROKE)

I got to a point where I said go ahead debt! take me all the way down! I don't give a shit because I'm going to make 6 figures this year << complete confidence in where I was going << (power play with money I'll be talking about later)

You allow money to have complete control + complete power of you, MONEY or that coach or that thing is making you feel shame, anger, or fear but GIRLLLL unless you were completely scammed of your money, the only person making you feel those things are YOU.

Now how you find the money: create the money: that is entirely up to YOU, but do take responsibility for how you find or create the money.

If you put it on a credit card, take responsibility, your coach did not force you to max your credit cards, your coach doesn't have access to your bank account, take responsibility for your decisions + actions.

What you did was not wrong or the worse thing ever.. you saw an opportunity for you to step up and become a higher version of yourself, you took it, and your investment hasn't paid off… YET.

If you get a 2nd job, take responsibility.

If you do freelance work, take responsibility

Moral of the story: take responsibility for every investment you make, it is up to YOU and only YOU to get the most out of your investment Coaches do work, if they didn't this industry wouldn't exist. You do need to invest money into your business if you want to go big, how you create that money is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.

If a coach teaches you how to create a 6 figure business, what to sell, how to market, and your business model, it is worth $10K. She just saved you like 3 years of work, and time is something that we all don't have enough of.

SHAME CAN NOT LIVE IN THE LIGHT, if you keep your shame of your debt in the dark, it will continue to LIVE. Write down your number of DEBT RIGHT NOW.

I want you to know that number inside and out.  

Example of people who went into debt:

  • Suze Orman was donated $50,000 to start her own restaurant at age 29.

  • Walt Disney went bankrupt from his first business idea before he started Walt Disney.

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2) you have a business model that pays off your debt.

I switched my business focus from things that brought me little victories (1 off sessions, intensives, small courses)

and I focused on things that pulled in bigger chunks of money, even if I was terrified to sell them

(looking at my debt + looking at my money forced me to start doing work on my money mindset, my money mindset became a non negotiable)

I teach all of my clients about how to look at their money, know their money, and then what they need to be selling to start creating a solid foundation.

3) I started allocating money as it started coming in, your money needs a direction and purpose!


Budgeting, I like to call it directing my money. << This is where the habit is created that will not let you go into debt ever again!

I started doing this when I was in debt, it forced me to always look at my money, and feel more in control of where my money was going.

If you establish this habit, you will never go into DEBT AGAIN.

It really isn't about the amount of money you're making if you don't know how to spend it + allocate it (look at celebrities) they make huge amounts of money, don't know how to spend it or allocate it and go bankrupt.

Know where your money is going RIGHT NOW, even if you have none coming, even if you only have a little, even if your money is inconsistent.

Get into this habit RIGHT NOW, give your money direction RIGHT NOW, it needs direction or it will be spent aimlessly and you will feel powerless to money.

4) Creating consistent income, not just big chunks of money.

Focus on creating consistent income, not only will this give you a stable budget to work with every month…

but it will also allow you to chill the f out and create programs from your intuition, that SELL OUT.

5) Do I regret any of my business investments?


Did I used to feel anger towards myself for making investments?

YES Did that help me?

NO, it left me POWERLESS.




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Your bank accounts = your self power


I go through times in my business when I start to feel jealous, fearful, frustrated, annoyed. (shocker right!?)

I notice that those feelings always revolve around putting blame, energy, and my emotions on something outside of myself.

When I sit with those feelings for too long, when I start to put power outside of myself, and on to either other people or situations that make me feel that way, I notice something else starts to happen....

My bank account starts to dwindle.
The weird thing is I'm still taking action in my business even through these times- still showing up, emailing my list, going live. BUT nothing is converting, nothing is clicking, nothing is super engaging.

It's the weirdest thing but it makes so much sense.
I've taken my energy and I've put it on things outside of ME. So instead of using my energy to make me feel powerful, I've now depleted my energy by spending time on things outside of me...

Feeling jealous of someone else's success? Energy drain.
Feeling frustrated by tech snafu's? Energy drain.
Feeling annoyed by someone talking about something you totally disagree with? Energy drain.
Coaching someone who is not an ideal client? Energy drain.

You guys know how much I talk about money mindset but I want you to know that money mindset at it's root is about self empowerment.

It's about taking control of your money, your life, and your energy.

YOU are your source of power, always. 🔥🔥👑

How to book high end clients



That's right.

Here's why you're not getting high end clients:

It's a lot fucking easier than we've been making out to be.
You can start attracting them as soon as you realize how worthy you are.
Once you begin to see why you're the best that's ever been, that's when you start conveying that through your social media.
Doing the things that scare the shit out of you (like investing in that coach, buying that fancy hand bag, or spending more than $50 on a dress).
Most of us want it to be hard. We want it to feel like it's a lot of work because that's the only way we can feel good about taking money. 
The old "you have to work really hard to make a lot of money" mentality.
Making a lot of money EASILY.. it's incredibly uncomfortable, that's why most of us avoid it.

Here's why I am:

I've invested in myself back to back, even when it scares the shit out of me. I used to take breaks in investing in myself or I used to punish myself for not making as much money back or sometimes making no money back. 
I used to say you can't do that anymore! I stopped listening to that voice.
I untangled, tore down, and ripped apart my money story.
I shifted, shifted, and kept shifting my feelings + thoughts around self esteem and confidence.
I owned all my greatness + glory + badassery around why I'm the best of the best.
I even pushed myself to places that I never dared to go because "that's so conceited of me!"
I surrounded myself with incredible, high level women, making money moves ALL DAY.
I set the standard and expectation for money, I took it off the pedestal.

This is why I am the best coach out there.

This is why I make women a shit ton of money.

Because it's not just about oh.. "hey do x,y,z and you'll make your first 6 figure year!" It's not about that.

It's about what do I have to tear down + what do I have to rebuild to get to where I want to be?

That's the magic that happens when you work with me.

You want transformation right? 
You'll get it.

The mindset + strategy to $13K Months...


You won’t hit $13K months if you keep doing courses or free shit...

For the love of god, stop spending money on courses, and please stop wasting your time on free shit. You are WORTH so much more than that.

Because here’s what eventually will happen...

You’ll eventually spend the same amount of money you would have spent on a coach (because those courses and long term payment plans will add up) and then you’ll spend money on a coach (on TOP of the money you spent on courses) because you’re still at the same fucking place when you started the courses, because you DIDN’T DO JACK SHIT WITH THE COURSES.

The courses were great, they were full of awesome information but it didn’t help you because you needed a person 1:1.

Maybe you also hired a coach before but didn't see the results you wanted to, and guess what that's okay too!

But by denying yourself the help you truly need you deny yourself transformation.

What you know you need: A person to call you out on your money bull shit, on all the mindset issues of why you’re not a fraud, of why you are a fuck yeah amazing coach.

Oh the time you spent on free stuff… the time! I used to look at time, like I mean hey it’s free right?

But now…. I realize that time is something I can never get back.

You can always lose money, make more money, but time is something we never get back.

To all you coaches, ready to start hitting those big month's, PUT DOWN THE COURSE and hire me as your coach because we all know Money Mindset is the TRUUEEEEE key to success 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


How Chilling Out Helped me to Earn More Money


[ I’ve made money every day just by chilling the fuck out about money]

Guys for so long I stressed, doubted, worried and was scared of money.

Will I hit my goal? Will I make it?
Will my debt be here forever?
Why didn’t anybody buy that program?
What will my followers buy!?

Then one day I realized that stressing, worry, and fearing if I will hit my money goals was like the lamest thing I can do with my time.

I also realized that none of the above stuff was anywhere close to getting me to my goals and neither was doing 3 Facebook live's a day, one time I did that too, and I made below $500. Yes, sad.

So…. I did the only thing left to do.
I gave up. I said fuck it.
I’m just going to do what I want to do and not stress about money.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t check my bank account every day.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t track my money.

No, I still cared about money, I just stopped { fearing, worrying, doubting about it. }
So what did I do instead?

I wrote what I wanted to.
I said what I wanted to.
I created a program I wanted to.
I went and got my hair blown out.
I bought myself flowers.
[ Because I was in such a I don’t give a fuck about you money mood, I got some balls ] and I pitched something every day.
I read, watched movies, went for walks.

Every day I would check my email, another sale, another person signing up for a trip wire product, someone signing up for a program, payments for my membership programs.

If you want to work on your feelings toward money, and get more clients because of it, grab a copy of The Boss Bitch Money Journal below!