All 6 figure entrepreneurs have this 1 thing.. can you guess it?


You can't be a 6 figure entrepreneur with Part Time Self Discipline

These words rolled through my head as I'm walking out of Starbucks today and I can't believe how much I'm getting done in a day.

I used to stumble my way through work weeks.
Sitting at the computer, scrolling social media accounts, and looking at mine like

UGHHH not again.

Not another week of trying to do something or anything consistently that will get me to more sales. Or staring at the blinking cursor on my computer trying to conjure up something to mark "write blog post" off my to do list

 It was like pulling teeth. I remember that place so clearly; a place of confusion, of what am I doing?

What am I supposed to be sharing? & HOW the fuck do I make money!?
Oh how badly I just wanted that 6 figure year.
The magic number.

I grab another shiny object on a Facebook ad and say "This will do it! This Facebook ad freebie will get me to that six figure year."
Grab it, half ass the PDF, and realize she begins to repeat everything I've already heard after grabbing 30 other PDF's, work sheets, webinars, etc.....

Do the mindset work and be consistent with your marketing.

unfuck your money mindset cover tablet.png

Grab your 44 page journal to start uncovering and meeting your 6 figure personality.

Who will you be like at 6 figures?

What thoughts do you need to change?

What new beliefs do you need?

What new habits do you need?

So I go back.. keep doing it.. putting in part time hours, hiding behind my computer, sharing my posts about "SEO", and wondering WHY I haven't hit my 6 figures yet.

Until it hits me..

I've been operating from the same Shannon that is keeping me at this place.

I HAD to change. ALLLLLL of it had to change, but most importantly deep down I, Shannon DePalma

(the person, not the business) had to change.

 Ready for your change?

Ready to master self discipline?
TO BE CONSISTENT with social media?
To be consistent with your marketing?
For once and all master your work ethic + self discipline in your business?

Say yes to those things and you’ll have to say yes to changing yourself from within.

What does that look like?

Lots of inner personal work.

I’ve got this awesome 44 page journal to start you off with:

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My husband and I are going to become millionaires. Here's what we're doing.

Guys here’s my declaration: My husband and I want to be millionaires by the time I’m 40. That’s in 9 years. #powercouple


Fucking crazy right? Sure but maybe not. Millionaires are made all the time but here’s how we’re going to do it.


Step 1: Set our specific goal and rules

< Make 1 million dollars combined income by March 1st, 2026. >



  • This is before taxes.

  • The million has to be made in a way that doesn’t restrict our freedom or take away from our family, and we also have to make the money either doing things we love, enjoy, or that we don’t mind. (for example: working 3 jobs outside our home is violating the rules)

  • We will also be having 2 children within this time AGGGHHHHHHH.

  • We will also purchase 2 homes..AGGHHHHHHH.

  • 1 million is combined income, so not 1 million a piece but wouldn’t that be awesome?


Step 2: Getting real clear about money beliefs, money issues, and money blocks. (This one was mostly for me)


My husband has for most of his life always had a great relationship with money, he seriously never had a lot of issues like weird feelings or emotions around money.

His biggest stumble he had to get over was tracking his money. We talked about how he had a month when he made a good amount of money but had no idea how much or where it went.


He was the one who introduced me to entrepreneurship, his family is full of entrepreneurs, and he has been financially independent, making money in any ridiculous way he can. He’s got a history of making money from creating avatars on poker sites, selling guitar glue, or writing short freelance stories. He really believes that owning 2 houses will be cake for us and whenever he sets out a money goal he achieves it.


My story with money is a lot more complicated. I grew up with money being a huge source of tension within my family. I was raised by a single mother and we were poor. Food was always on the table, and we always had a roof but things were hard. When I was little, our first house was in a real shady area, with shootings and a murder happening a block away. The house I grew up in as a teenager was in a much better area but there was 4 of us in a 2 bedroom house with my mom sleeping the couch. Money for me was something that felt elusive, it felt like it wasn’t meant for me. For most of my teenage years, I really had no idea I was poor, I knew I always had to work for anything I wanted, and some things were harder. Research shows if you have friends that make more money than you, you feel like you’re on their level of income, even if you’re not. Having friends that were middle class made me totally forget that I wasn’t until I went away to college. That became obvious fast but I worked through it, made it through college working always working over 30 hours, sometimes working 2 jobs, just to pay my bills. But woof, money felt like a struggle, even when I got a 9-5, the student loan payments came in, and life felt hard. Money felt hard and I felt back into a trap of establishing bad money beliefs + habits.



Here’s some beliefs I had to break, some I didn’t know existed until I dug deep either:

  1. Money is hard to make

  2. Only men make a lot of money

  3. I was born poor I’ll always be poor

  4. I can’t have a lavish life because I had a really hard beginning

  5. Oh this person is only rich because their parents were rich or her husband is rich

  6. Money isn’t fair

  7. People who make a lot of money are assholes

  8. I don’t need a lot of money

  9. I don’t care about fancy cars

  10. If I make a lot of money my friends won’t like me

  11. If I make a lot of money I’ll feel guilty that my mom had to struggle

  12. If I make a lot of money then my husband might not like me

  13. If I make a lot of money I probably won’t be a good wife or mom

  14. Making a lot of money means I’m working all the time

  15. Making a lot of money means doing things I don’t want to do, like working all the time


This was a first step for me to establish a better relationship with money and uncover some real shitty subconscious beliefs I had that I didn’t even know existed. If I left those beliefs there, I might work hard all my life and spend it all, or sabotage having a savings account, there was a lot dark, ugly stuff under there.

Wondering what type of ugly money habits you might have that are keeping you from making more money or having more money? 

Grab a Copy of Unfuck Your Money Mindset.

A 15 page work book on how to uncover your Money Blocks, Beliefs, or Habits that are stopping you from making Bank in your Biz and Life.

Step 3: Where the fuck is our money going?


If you’re anything like us, you probably have a vague idea of where your money is going (bills to pay, things to pay for ,etc) but by the end of the month or week or paycheck, your money is gone. There’s never enough to go around and it feels like well I’m not making enough.


WRONG. Guys you’re so wrong, you actually have a lot more money than you think and if you give every single dollar a direction, you can save a shit ton of money.


1st) Register for You Need A Budget, this shit is changing our lives:


It seriously saved me $500 the first month I used it.

Read #2 for further explanation how it works.


2nd) Give every dollar you have coming in for the next month, a place to go, every single dollar. Include big expenses you need to save for.

Like for example, my hair is huge and my hair appointments are $250, seriously. I know. Every couple months when the appointment would come, it would just be okay on the credit card it goes and I’ll use my next paycheck or I’ll use a big chunk of my current paycheck to pay for it.

Now I set goals in my budget for that next hair appointment and put a little bit of money into the hair category every month.


If you’re familiar with the envelope method which Dave Ramsey is a huge fan of. This is really similar to it but with this one you can move money from other categories.

For example: this month I was going to an expensive brunch with a girl friend I took some money from my clothing budget.


The first time we set up our budget my husband was dumbfounded at how much we spent at the grocery store and eating out. Most people are shocked at how much they spend on food, we were included. He had budgeted money and we figured out that for the past 3 months we were spending about $1200 on ordering out, not even including groceries, we spent that much ON FOOD. We could have gone on vacation or put that towards our mortgage!?


Believe me, I’m totally embarrassed but all these little trips to the grocery store, Starbucks, ordering pizza, chinese, really added up.


We’ve been doing YNAB for about 2 months now and we have saved so much money, our food budget is now cut in half, I cook a lot of healthier meals at home and we’ve been putting a little savings aside for our vacation to Iceland, we almost have our savings goal hit ($20,000), and I will be paying for my next hair appointment in dolla dolla bills! I haven’t done that in YEARS.


We also use YNAB for our businesses!

Our YNAB for business is totally separate  from personal.


I also don’t know any millionaires that don’t know where their money is going, seriously even Oprah has said she knows where every dollar of her company is going and coming in.


Step 4: Tracking our income (EVERY PENNY)


I always thought I tracked my income like hello I have Quickbooks it tells me how much money I’ve made right? WRRONNNGGGGG.

I’ve been using Deneise Duffields Thomas free money tracker (Grab your free money track here.) to count everything I make even down to the 35 cent royalties I get from my kindle books.

Her money tracker is different because you’re not only tracking the money you make, you count the free value you get too.

Value can be a free dinner, a free drink somewhere, something you didn’t have to pay for but you just got, like a gift. It’s helping to show me like Shannon look at how much awesome shit you get every month?

It keeps me focused on the positive, in gratitude, and it’s also opening my eyes to how much money I am really making, especially because I have a lot of different sources of income (my husband too).

Before I would check my bank accounts and pull up a report but I also have other ways of making money like (Ebates, Kindle books, Birthdays (thanks Grandma!)).

My husband has a 9-5, a side consulting business, an Etsy business, a kindle book, and a passive product based business. So he has a couple different bank accounts and definitely a shit ton of ways he’s making money too.

Reminder: We track our expenses for our business on YNAB, we use Deneise’s sheet to just track income + value.


At the end of every month we’re going to start having financial dates where add up how much money we made every month. Maybeeee we’ll starting sharing those too?

That so far is going to be our 4 step system to become a millionaire. Now I’m sure we’ll be back to update this a couple more times, adding new things, or taking things away or identifying what’s important.

P.S. Have you checked out my content library? It's full of ALL THE THINGS you need to sky rocket your creative business into the stratosphere. 

Why I sold my Wedding Business

pinterest selling wedding biz.png

Becoming a business coach was one of the best decisions I've ever made but getting to this place was a bumpy road.

I was juggling a brand new coaching business and a successful floral design business but I had to make a decision about where my life was going to go with both businesses.

I'll bring you back to December of 2015, I got an inquiry to do a styled shoot in my business, PAID and paid well.

Doing one of my favorite weddings // Photo by City Love Photography

Doing one of my favorite weddings // Photo by City Love Photography

At the time I was building my coaching business, doing in person work shops around my town, and creating an online course.

When I got the inquiry I remember thinking "Wow, I'm getting paid to do styled shoots!? That's awesome, it awful that I'd rather work on my coaching business than proposals!?" 

When I finally got around to doing the proposal for the styled shoot, the woman coordinating it, was nice enough to say that "I was a little too late, and they found another designer."

That wasn't my first time having thoughts that my heart really wasn't in the floral design business. 

When I began this business I was always a business woman first, a designer second. Which meant I wasn't obsessed with the craft, the design, or the flowers, I really loved the strategy, learning new marketing, and how I could book more brides.

On top of that: There was another big house sized reason to get out of the wedding business.

My husband and I spend the winters in an apartment outside of NYC and the summers in a shore house in South Jersey. 

My husband was able to work from home and I had spent our past 2 summers running back and forth from the apartment to do weddings. The shore house was a special place for us, it really sucked to take time away from it.

Right then I realized giving 50% to one and 50% to another wasn't the direction I wanted to go in. I knew that the floral design business wasn't in my future, I wanted to either shut it down or sell it in a couple years. 

But, my floral design business was my full time job, my coaching business wasn't bringing in more than $150 per workshop!?  

What to do?

Well I thought...there's a couple ways I could go about this, I already booked more than I had last wedding Ill just turn down any more weddings that come my way.

But...if I wanted to sell the business the following year it wouldn't look attractive to go to the new owners and say "Look same revenue 2 years in row!" I would have to show promise of growth.

I walked to my computer and put a posting on Craigslist..(Yes, haha Craigslist!?) "Floral Design Business for sale" (I can't disclose the amount or name of the business because of confidentiality contracts).

I really didn't expect for anything to happen but it did. There it answer.

My way to have some money to live off while I was growing my coaching business, and a new home for my floral design business.  

I got a call the next day and we met at a Starbucks. They were a great fit to take over, we signed the contract a month later.

I can say to this day, the new owners are amazing, the business is growing at a huge rate, and I was able to get this beautiful note from:

Did I make the right decision?

Definitely. :)